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Thread: WHAT???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    That kind of stuff doesn't happen on internet forums, at least not for long. People are too smart for that. It's all in your head.

    Seems to me INFJs take very kindly to banter. I don't.

    Get lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FC3S View Post
    Seems to me INFJs take very kindly to banter. I don't.

    Get lost.

    Happy now?

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    Now this seems most likely to me, rather than that girl having been a troll.

    Excellent and adept analysis FC3S.

    *hails you as new pseudo-intellectual master of forum* <--kidding

    Quote Originally Posted by FC3S View Post
    In order of pretension level from weakest to highest, Zodiac, Enneagram, Jung, MBTI, Socionics. A certain kind of person plagues these - psuedo intellectual wannabe posers. Take that in for a moment. Can you smell the bullshit that radiates from it? These psuedo-intellects get together and start to mull about things. They form new ideas, set new standards etc. They become the pretentious elite of society...

    ...and why shouldn't they, they are intellectuals [/sarcasm].

    Now, like any forum on the Internet, like any group in the real world - this group of intellectuals defines a set of rules and etiquette that must be observed at all times. Being the ones that are long time members of the community, most agree with a nod of approval. Members are to abide by these rules at all times - and most can, simply because they were the ones that had a vote in them!

    Now, there is usually one for every clubhouse, sometimes two (if the egoes can fit). He is the master, and the champion. He has an insanely rigid standard. He speaks from the area of facts, statistics, empirical data, objectional logic, and informed decision making. I'm sure there are a few more buzzwords I'm missing. The other members of the clubhouse gaze in awe, IN AWE, at his most bodaciously awesome psuedo-intellectual wannabe poser abilities. They brand him the master, and the master readily accepts it. His ego inflates several times more in order to hold all of the bullshit. The more bullshit, the bigger his ego.

    Gaze in awe for a moment, I mean ewe.

    The clubhouse mentality will persist as normal. The group agrees as usual. Until the master comes. When he disagrees or agrees, it is final. There is no further question. He IS the master [/sarcasm]

    Inevitably outsiders will approach the group, for whatever reason. Outsiders with their different style of experience and thinking, and more often than not, CRITICAL thinking - threaten the existence of this clubhouse mentality. The standards they have all accepted are in jeopardy. Their champion is quickly roused from his slumber, and he is swift and merciless in punishing you.

    You can readily identify the champion by his bullshit holding ego - He'll make it a point to quote every sentence you say, and rip it apart. Bonus pretension points if he can write a thesis for each sentence he is ripping apart. It is pointless to argue, he has more stamina that he has built up over the years. This is easy for him - and he'll win if you take him head on.

    While some people can call this festering douchebag a troll, that is an insult to trolls everywhere. A troll is the lowest form of forum scumbag and (usually) lays controversial bait, and leaves just as fast to avoid the ensuing flamewar that destroys too many forums to count.

    The intellectual master, is quite the opposite. Not only is he established as the best forum member, but he has the backing of everyone behind him. He attacks you when you are the one believed by all of the forum to be controversial. When he attacks, belittles, and demeans you - the forum will back him up.

    He can be likened to a religious fanatic or a cult leader with a large following. Because he's an intellectual fanatic, he is already close minded. Also, more than likely he feels his closed system is without flaw, and without error. It is closed and it is perfect [/sarcasm].

    Because he is a bigot and close minded, you may safely dismiss him on those grounds. Dismiss him, and refuse to play his game. You can argue until you are blue in the face, but he has the stamina to argue from years of experience.

    I'll apologize in advance for attempting to sound clever or dare I say intelligent for once.

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