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    Default Have you done anything recently that you would say out of character

    1 - Singing out loud in a shop (and i mean loud).

    2 - Trying to type a cartoon character on Disney channel.

    Time to explain.

    1 - If i am out shopping and i hear a song i like, i usually hum to it. In public i don't usually draw attention to myself unless i am trying to purposely embarrass one of my kids or i am drunk (i am rarely drunk). On Saturday though, i really went for it. Got absorbed in the music and was singing my heart out walking down the isles. lol.

    2 - I don't watch cartoons .. They are usually stupid. However i am not feeling well at the moment and just sat on the sofa this morning watching the Disney channel with my 12 year old (ENTP) .. I just went into a world of my own, watching everything this character was doing. Why, i don't know. Is it important, NO. Crazy .. I must of been feverish.

    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
    ― Georgia O'Keeffe

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    Things I have done lately that are generally out of character:|
    (1) Made a surprise visit to my wife's stepmother as I was returning from a weekend with friends. Her and I chatted for 7 hours, it was a really nice visit.

    (2) I just bought a new watch. The entire store was buy 1 get another for 50% off. I was going to get my wife a new watch, but she has quite a few already, and has been trying to whip me in shape regarding better budgeting of money. So I controlled impulse buying!!!

    (3) I have made a concerted efffort to be patient, lower my voice, and try to listen more than I talk. <Reeeeally hard for ESTP me!> I have been told that I have the potential to mow over things and just execute my internal agenda. I am not at all cruel or entirely self directed, there is just a very short gap of time between my thoughts and the execution of their actions.

    So, I'm trying to be a good boy!

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    It makes sense for me to describe this in function terms, so I will.

    I work on a particular project with two ENTPs, and they were speculating about various issues, such as considering the endianness of the data we're storing. Usually, I'm right there Ne-ing it up with the rest of them, but I was in a frustrated mood and just let Te take over. I just quickly pointed out that the endianness isn't an issue because of the systems we'll be using and decided that the issue was closed. I followed up after a bit of discussion with "Okay, so we all know how we're proceeding between now and the next time we meet, right?"

    Te always, always comes to the forefront when I'm frustrated. I'll make lists so I can organize what I need to do, concentrate on projects, take charge, and cut conversations to the bare essentials. It's how I tend to cope under stress. Usually, it still has a major presence (I'm pretty well organized and can be decisive) but is subservient to Ne and Fi in that I'm typically more accommodating and don't care to "cut through the crap."

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    "Have you done anything recently that you would say out of character?"

    Yes. The dishes.

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    I snapped really BAD at my husband on Sunday because I was tired and got distracted by something I needed to study and he was trying to give me this really detailed explaination about a movie I wasn't interested in. I still feel really bad about it.

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    "Have you done anything recently that you would say out of character?"

    Yes. Typically, when friends come to me for advice I usually just listen and ask them questions, letting them figure things out for themselves.

    Well, the other day a friend of mine was thinking out loud about moving out of his apartment, hoping to found couches for one month at a time to sleep on - all so he could help pay his mom's rent... all while ALSO thinking about quitting his job?!?!?!

    I told him I thought he was crazy. Move out, sure, but move into your mom's place and don't just support her financially. And don't quit your job either - are you NUTS?!

    I usually don't explode like that but what he was saying made NO sense at all.

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    -I chit-chatted about "boys" for the duration of a meal with a very young ESFJ female friend...without trying to "sum up" or reduce the whole exchange to evidence of some abstract system.

    -I ate candy for dinner one night this past weekend because I felt like it. (Not that I'm totally beyond candy for dinner, but this generally only happens when I've forgotten to eat and realize I'm so hungry that I need to ingest something in order to avoid passing out)

    -I sent a mellow email to my adviser explaining why I was not going to make certain changes to my thesis...rather than confronting him and TELLING him why it wasn't going to happen.

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    Been infantile and cynical: i.e. girl/dating troubles.

    Spent way more on something than I wanted: i.e. must furnish a grown up place.

    Otherwise, same old, same old.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    Hmm, not really.

    I used to roleplay though, but that's different. :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    I wish

    Though I'm almost not going to call this odd ball who looked unstable.

    Um well there was this random Yoga dude that stopped me in the middle of an exercise routine, yes I was skipping rope and what of it and told me to use my diaphragm more, I'll teach you all about it should I return next week he said. Like I did but he forgot, obviously better things to do than stop and talk about breathing properly.

    See stuff all happens.

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