I remember thinking about Vince Vaughn's choice of the word "money' as being the ne plus ultra of personal desirability in the movie "Swingers", and wondering for a bit how such catch phrases and nicks come about. Which ones were tried and then failed ? Did the writer's try "dessert" first ? Or "dial tone" ? As in "Don't worry about it guys. We are so dessert tonight." Would that have caught on, too, or would it have failed ? What about "diamond" or "clout" as substitutions ? ( One could say that food gets eaten, and that being eaten implies weakness, which is usually undesirable - but money gets "spent" doesn't it ? )

What about terms like "fly" which is used to refer to a kind of "coolness" factor ? ( "Cool" was a catch phrase itself at one time, that was "defined" in the movie "Wast Side Story". Now we've got "hawt". ) Could they have got away with using the word "word" to represent "fly" if it wasn't already being used to express strong agreement, in street slang ? "That pimp's outfit is so word !"

Name some other words or phrases that could be equivalents to those used today and some that would be failures, if tried. Try to be creative versus just being silly, a la " '6 Up' wouldn't work as a soda pop. It had to be '7 Up'," etc.