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    Quote Originally Posted by InaF3157 View Post
    Ah, the fill in: Freshman year first semester she was drunk enough to end up at a party of people she barely knew, lost her panties in the bathroom amid an interlude with some dude, had no idea where her dirty drawers were days after and received it in the mail from an anonymous, kindhearted soul.

    edit: and where I'm from, to be thus separated from (and in this manner reunited with) your underwear counts as an embarrassment.
    Yeah, probably where I'm from to, but I'm pretty immuned to being embarrassed by things like that.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    Is this solely for the humorous events, or by horrible did you really mean horrible?

    Cuz I got plenty of both.

    As long as you are aware this is a public forum.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

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    Well, some small weird stories. I'll leave the most horrible event that caused me to abruptly quit drinking and using drugs over night out of it all. First off, I'm physically nearly incapable of puking. Not sure what the thing is called in English (huigje in dutch) but mine is rather big apparantly. Making it really hard for my body to vomit. This obviously resulted in me being able to handle quite a lot of booze without 'getting sick', but at the same time resulted in alcohol poisoning and a hospital visit as well. All this has happened when I was 17-19 years old. (As that was the time I was a heavy abuser of all kinds of substances.) Since I was 19 I haven't been drunk or used any form of drugs.

    First some moments that ended in mystery.

    1. I once found myself waking up in the middle of a forest with a lot of dried blood in my hair and on my head and hands. I had a headwound. The last thing I remember was cycling home. Where I woke up was 2 miles from the path to my home. Substances involved: only alcohol to my knowledge.

    2. I found a car in our driveway once in the morning, realising later that I apparantly won it through a drinking bet (A friend asked me if I won the car, I was like, this car?). I didn't have a driving liscense at the time and I have no idea who put it there. I think it must have been me but that would probably be something I should've remembered. I never found out. Substances involved: lots of liquor, many different kinds.

    3. Woke up in a public toilet with my pants down my ankles and the door wide open on a camp place. Substances involved: Drugs and alcohol. I think it was LSD, but am not sure. I was already pretty far gone before taking whatever I took.

    A moment after having a bit too much, literally. Physically.

    1. Vomiting all through the night, badly burning and bruising my mouth and throat on stomach acid in the process. Falling seriously ill for 5 consequtive days, went to the hospital after the second day as I figured it was more then just a hangover. Alcohol poisoning. Worst ever.

    Funny moments.

    1. Some friends persuading me into turning a car on its side, and we did. It was my own car. And I didn't notice.

    2. Me and a friend calling a cab when totally drunk and high, having him drop us off in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the cloths on us, some more weed and alcohol. Playing realtime survivor. We actually camped that night in the woods. However, in the morning we had no way which way was which. :P

    3. Badly tripping on shrooms (paddo's) under a table. I was screaming the chairs had come to life to eat us, but they were afraid of Mr. table, the protector, and insisted my friends should join me under the table. In a very babbly half comprehensible way. My memories of this moment are very vague.. And very weird.. I was extremely anxious though.

    4. Streaking through the streets of the town Brugge in Belgium at 4am with a friend singing the Dutch national anthem as loud as possible, after having way to much of belgian beer and weed. We had pursuirs after 15 minutes and attempted to escape. My friend fell and had an unfortunate accident with his peepee that caused him to scream louder then a freight train hitting the emergency breaks. (It was just a little scratch. But it did keep the pursuirs at a distance. :P )

    I'll leave the most horrible event and some law breaking stuff out of the thread. :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Stories of me, and few of other people.

    First time I smoked hydro, I tried to open a locked car door and fell down. FML.

    One time we used Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps as bongwater. Every time you took a hit it was Christmas. Eventually those little gold flakes turned into little resin flakes. That Goldschlager was in that bong for quite a long time. We decided that the next person to fuck up, had to drink the Bongschlager... Poor Kara, she dropped a blunt out the window while we were smoking & driving. Not only did we make her walk all the way to where she dropped it (like, we didn't reverse at all to make it a shorter walk), but she had to drink the bongschlager when we got back to the chill spot. Cinnamon schnapps, pot ash, carcinogens and other matter pulled out of the smoke while you inhale, all in one nasty aged concoction. Poor poor Kara.

    The party's over. I need to get to my friend Grover's house, so that my friend David can drive me to my friend D-mo's house (much further away) where I planned on staying the night. To travel faster, I decided it would be a good idea to steal a bike, which used to be a favorite past-time of mine. I check ALL the houses on Force street, and I only find one bike. This bike is behind a friend of mine's house, and it belongs to his little stepsister. Its pink and white with streamers and a basket. Hilarity ensues as I ride the bike to Grovers, fall off about 5-6 times, swerve toward traffic, somehow get passed up by 2 cops with no incident, and probably didn't move much faster than if I had just walked.

    My friend Ruben drank smirnoff out of his shoe. </story>

    My friend Philip took ketchup out of the fridge at my dad's house (where we used to throw parties), and wrote all over a u-haul with it. Me, being on uppers at the moment (some give you violent tendencies), got extremely pissed and was bitching him out until he finally cleaned it all off... with his shirt.

    downer pills
    My first time taking a bar (southern street term for Xanax, or alprazolam), my friend handed me the pill.
    "It's a double G," he said, insinuating that its the 2mg version rather than its 1mg counterpart. I pop the pill, as we discuss how thats a bit stronger than what people usually take for their first time.
    "How long does it take to kick in?" I ask.
    "It's different for every person" he replies.
    I WAKE UP. Its the next morning, I'm in my bed. I call my friends to go hang out... What I learned from asking them what happened: when I'm on bars, I like to climb halfway out of the car windows screaming racial slurs at everyone we pass, even other white people. I was even yelling at inanimate objects, and telling my friends "Fuck you."

    One time, I was a little fucked up and walking to my friend Johnboi's house to pop more pills and play dominoes. On the way there, an empty schoolbus pulls up to the stopsign. I look up to the lady and think in my head "Give me a ride bitch!".
    Turns out I wasn't thinking.. I was yelling at her.
    She looked at me with a 'fear of god' look, and even ran the next stopsign at the upcoming intersection.

    So my friend acquaintence Sonny was fucked up on acid once, ended up running from the cops (he had warrants and the local police knew his face). So he ran through the woods.
    Apparently, when you're frying, all the trees started throwing up gang signs and East side hand gestures at him. He wouldn't tell me how the story ended, but from what I've heard from other people, he came home with bloody knuckles and was telling people not to fight inanimate objects anytime you're trippin'

    Because you can't spell "Slaughter" without "Laughter"

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    Quote Originally Posted by InaF3157 View Post
    Now, is the lonesome drinking because you don't want a repeat of your 'interesting' story?
    Haha, no. My 'interesting story' also was during a particular session of prodigous drinking alone.

    Quote Originally Posted by A Schnitzel View Post
    You only have one?
    Haha, yes.

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    Oh my, where to start?

    My worst drunk ever was when I was about 19.

    I attended the Xmas part of the company I was working for, and indulged in the open bar.

    My girlfriend of 3.5 years at the time was with me. She got toasted too.

    On my way to the restroom, a female doctor that worked for the company was staggering back toward the ballroom. I stopped to help her along. She started talking to me and then started trying to kiss me! I politely pulled back and kept leading her to the ballroom and she was alright from then on. <She actually apologized at work the next week and was really embarrassed, she was actually a very nice person>

    I get back to the party and see two (openly gay) male members of the staff wearing cowboy outfits and dancing Western style with each other. The husband of my manager was hammered, sitting at a table close to the dancefloor, and he was blabbering homophobic profanities. <Turns out he left my manager for another man about 6 months later.>

    Then I go to the bar and get a few more Long Island Iced Teas and kick back with my girlfriend at a table, finish our drinks, dance a few tunes, and then start on our way home. Should have taken a cab, thank God no one got hurt or arrested.

    We get back to my parent's house, go to my room, get busy. Then we try to go to sleep. Bed spins! GF ends up in bathroom, I end up passing out. Next morning is very painful, worst hangover EVER. I drive my GF home, then go back to my house to sleep off the pain. At 4:00 PM my Dad storms into my room and tells me to get my ass out of bed and study for my Chemistry final exam which was known to be the next morning. I am forced to make coffee, eat Tylenol, and sit at the table with my book open "studying."

    Barely passed the test, barely passed the class, headache lasted all of Sunday. Not a good move on many counts, but I lived to tell about it!

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    all awkward in one way or another...
    -having to attend a formal party with people I don't know that has an open bar. proceed to black out, getting in peoples faces, puke in the bathroom, lay on the floor in the bathroom with my pants down
    -drinking too much at a club and having to ride in an ambulance to a hospital
    -bringing a water bottle full of vodka with me to a club, blacking out and waking up in bed thinking everything was ok but roommate comes out and asks me how i got home...began searching through my wallet and bank transactions, might have taken a taxi home
    -driving home blacked out
    -had blacked out already but my friend says i was puking outside of his car at a traffic light and people at the corner bar's patio were cheering and clapping for me
    -friend punching me in the face after a few redbull vodkas
    -roommate kicking out my car window and not remembering it in the morning
    -puking at someone's house and my roommate was there and he made me clean it up (fortunately i didn't remember cleaning it up)
    -sort of hooked up with a girl when blacked out
    -waking up in the morning and finding a book in the passenger seat of my car. the receipt said it had been purchased last night. i ask my friend if he bought a book and he said no. so, guess i bought a book blacked out.. read it later that summer but it wasn't that good.
    -probably other stories...

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