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Thread: Two Songs

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    Default Two Songs

    Two songs. One by an ISFJ, one by an ISFP. Type the lyrics.*

    (I did this before with other lyrics and other types but no one wanted to play. This time I'm making it a little easier with the types given. All you have to do is match 'em.)

    So, who wrote which?

    When you let me down
    My feet hit the ground
    I don't wanna know how I got home
    The fact is that I made it alone
    When Benny let go I didn't know
    When Benny let go I was alone
    There's nothin' I can do to take you by surprise
    That would end in my demise
    But I've waited so long to find my only one
    You know, I've only begun
    When Benny let go I was alone
    Nobody saw it then but we believe it now
    He needed a pressure valve to blow out
    The battle begins when you want it to begin
    But the war's not yours to win
    I fall out of love; we all fall out of love
    Somehow... it's all relative
    I've been around the world, if only in my head
    I don't imagine better off dead
    When Benny let go he was in my boat
    He was in my shoes and he was on my rope
    When Benny let go I was alone

    Gosh you are so much bigger than me Danny
    Yeah I think that you are stronger than I will ever be
    Told me buttercups decide if you like butter
    You used to hold them underneath my yellow chin for me

    So tell me that story again tell me over
    That one about how you climbed down inside the apple tree
    I wanna do it just like you did Danny
    Wanna ride the school bus with you and see all that you see

    Hey Danny
    Did you drink the rain that came down every day
    How are the bees
    When tides go in and out
    And orange and brown is for the leaves
    Can you tell me what will last
    And will our troubles, Danny
    Will they someday pass

    And when I think of him I think of Danny
    And following his shoes up to the tops of trees
    Never made it quite as high as he could make it
    But maybe that’s just because I looked beneath the leaves

    So who will make the legos into fast ships with bob dylan
    Who’ll fly a baseball and hug me when I cry
    ‘Cause no one knows what quiet is like Danny
    Sitting on the porch alone until the end of time

    Hey Danny
    Did you think we’d grow up so fast
    Where are you now
    When the memories start to fade
    And the rains keep falling down
    Can you tell me what will last
    Tell me what will last
    And will our troubles, Danny
    Will they someday pass

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    Benny Let Go = Fi + Se = ISFP

    Danny = Si + Fe = ISFJ

    Act your age not your enneagram number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post
    Benny Let Go = Fi + Se = ISFP

    Danny = Si + Fe = ISFJ


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    First one ISFP, second ISFJ?
    (ha, flip-flopped my answers... the first one feels like it's got Se hiding behind the curtain somewhere coaching the writer)
    intp | type 9w1 sp/sx/so

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    1. ISFP

    2. ISFJ

    At first I thought it was the other way around, but after thinking about it, I realized this made more sense. I probably just saw something in the first one that I naturally associated with J before realizing that SP=NJ (particularly for Introverts), and that the overall tone was more SP-ish without much SJ in it.

    You did this before with other lyrics? I love typing lyrics, but no one was ever interested in doing it with me. I just didn't see those other threads. Where were they?

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