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    as an ENXP:

    INTJ: i'd like what you said if i could hear it.
    ENTJ: sit down before you kill your feet standing. less being a hard-ass, more self reflection already.
    INTP: like a dry martini; shaken, not stirred. not necessarily tasty, but sophisticated nonetheless.
    ENTP: on the precipice of over-the-top. living life as it should be (tm).

    INFJ: sounds good to you? sounds good to me. we should talk more.
    ENFJ: thanks doc, but i wasn't injured in the first place.
    INFP: love you when you don't break my concentration ...which is never. just kidding, call me when you're in town.
    ENFP: stay cool stay sunny, brother. and ditch the fairy dust.

    ISTJ: excellent backup singer for when i forget the lyrics. keep on truckin'.
    ESTJ: this isn't russia, it isn't the 1930s; relax the bureaucracy already.
    ISFJ: the sex was good; the morning after wasn't.
    ESFJ: like vitamins: take once a day to stay healthy.

    ISTP: solidly built. if you were a car, i would be driving you.
    ESTP: suit up! the perfect wingman.
    ISFP: you would buy the same car i'm driving because of me. i leave before you wake up the morning after.
    ESFP: the immaturity gets tedious after a while, but your curiosity is cute.
    oh and
    ENXP: a bright cold day in april; the beginning of the end. i wouldn't have it any other way.
    i hunt INXPs for bounty

    ...people tell me i have wildfires in my eyes

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    And a cross-post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Costrin View Post
    My version:

    INTP - Clearly the besterest evar. Just wish you immature ones would bugger off and stop giving the rest of us a bad name.

    ENTP - Awesome. One type that can most consistently make me laugh. Like me, but with inhibitors off, which can be awe-inducing and inspiring, or sometimes really annoying.

    - Your priorities are all messed up. Achieving something? Pffft. But highly intelligent, and just enough of a different perspective to be valuable and enjoyable. But preferably I wouldn't want one of you to be in a position of authority over me.

    ENTJ - We operate in different realms. Mostly content to leave each other be. As long as you're smart enough to not try and control me, I'd be more than willing to entertain your thoughts and expand on them.

    INFP - Love you guys. You can draw out my F, and I can aid your T. And there's never any pressure or sense of inferiority. Rather, we seem to find the other's naivety in our area of strength endearing . Great for bouncing ideas off of.

    ENFP - Can be great fun at times, or fly under my radar. When you manage to engage me it is nearly always enjoyable. Your antics are very enjoyable. Other times I notice you, but it just doesn't hold my interest. But it's rarely bothersome or annoying. Just keep doing what you do, and I'll jump in when something catches my eye.

    INFJ - Smart and insightful. Strange and interesting perspectives on things. Can tend to take a long and circuitous route and can sometimes focus too much on things that don't matter too much in the grand scheme of things. Can sometimes feel like you're annoyed at me and can be just a slight bit overbearing at times. But your input is valued.

    ENFJ - In awe at your ability to work a crowd. You can speak to a group as if it were a singly entity, but at the same time, it can be pretty draining for me. Much more enjoyable are the times when I get you one on one. It can be great fun. On the other hand, it tends to be more superficial. Rather than drawing out my F, you guys seem to do all the work yourselves, and similiar for me and T. Can be highly complimentary, but not as individually fulfilling.

    ISTP - Amazingly talented. Able to easily master physical skills that I would have to work harder and longer at. Highly similiar temperaments, but we tend to operate in different realms. Mutual respect. But our interests can be fairly different.

    ESTP - Engaging and fun. Can offer a practical view that really helps my ideas. Respect your abilities and skills, and would make great partners in crime. Rarely annoyed by you, and can draw me out of my shell.

    ISFP - Where are you guys? I barely seem to notice you at all. When we do interact it's generally enjoyable, but it's like I have a big blind spot labeled ISFP in my brain.

    ESFP - We mostly just let each other pursue our own interests. Fun when we do interact, but most of the time I notice you guys, but it just draw me in. But we can appreciate each other's quirks, even if interaction is uncommon.

    ISTJ - Much wiser than I am. Actually gets stuff done. I may think you're a little too step-by-step and conventional, but I can see your logic and agree that it's good, even if my personal preferences are different. Make good friends and coworkers. Rarely any animosity, even if we disagree on methods.

    ESTJ - Can be stubborn and uncompromising. Our priorities tend to conflict, so even if we can see each other's logic and agree it's consistent, clashing values can make things frustrating for both parties. On the other hand, can be great micromanagers, and making sure no details is missed. I generally tend to avoid you guys, for both our benefit.

    ISFJ - Caring and generally always willing to help. Practical, and generally open to my suggestions. We can sometimes annoy each other, but generally a temporary thing. As long as you guys can realize my different priorities, then we get along fine.

    ESFJ - Seems to be the social backbone. Maintains society and it's values. As long as you don't try to include me, we're good. Can annoy me because of the things you guys seem to take for granted, and can manipulate the social situation, so that even if I'm not directly participating, I'm still affected. But if given time and space, I can manage to slowly acclimate myself to your ways.
    "All humour has a foundation of truth."
    - Costrin

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    The Good: They're usually really smart people, who are able to grasp what I'm saying when I go philosophical. It's cool; they're my type of folk.
    The Bad: Can be big nerds and not even know it. Or on the flipside, they do know it, and they will not stop talking about their nerdery.
    The Ugly: Sometimes forget to bathe. Especially the ones majoring in CS&E.

    The Good: They are really outgoing, very sociable people - most people love them because of how humorous they are. Also tend to know what they want.. a good thing. Though it changes often.
    The Bad: Can come off as a bit.. douchey. Can push people away without realizing it, because they fear commitment to things.
    The Ugly: When they try to say they don't have emotions, but then when they do, they all come cascading out in a tidal wave.

    The Good: Funny And usually somewhat less stoic and uncompromising as the type descriptions say you are. I like my INTJs.
    The Bad: They CAN be a bit over the top utilitarian. But I guess someone has to be. Have to balance them out sometimes though.
    The Ugly: When they start talking about efficiency and forget that people, you know, are not actually that rational. Their entire plan falls apart because they forget that humans screw up, even themselves.

    The Ugly: I don't know any ENTJs well enough to comment.

    The Good: Nothing in particular.
    The Bad: Sappy, whiney bastards. Need to grow some balls.
    The Ugly: Often kill infants in the dead of night and suck out their souls to feed their ever-hungry Fi function.

    The Good: Fun and funny - a good combination. Keep everything going when everyone else just feels like calling it a day.
    The Bad: Like to talk. A lot. A whole lot.
    The Ugly: A whole hell of a lot.

    The Good: We can relate to each other very well usually. Very able to give you an honest opinion, and quietly care about the people that they love.
    The Bad: Most INFJs I know are usually pretty conservative people, can be quite paranoid. I get tense when others are tense, so INFJs keep me uptight. I don't like that.
    The Ugly: When you step on their toes, you'd better watch the fuck out.

    The Good: Fun to be around, and gets people together to do stuff.
    The Bad: Emotionally manipulative without even trying. It just comes naturally, but as someone who is easily emotionally manipulated, I often come to resent it after the fact.
    The Ugly: When they're alone.. they're kind of pathetic and down on themselves. ENFJs are one of the truest extroverts there are.

    The Good: Very good at working with mechanical things, and we kind of sort of.. no, we don't really get each other at all. But that's not a bad thing - it just gives me another perspective from which to work from.
    The Bad: Tend to not really care about feelings, or not understand them. It can suck sometimes.
    The Ugly: Doing something physical.. and ripping open their leg. Ouch.

    The Good: Very active and engaging folks. I don't really understand them either, but they CAN drag me out of myself and make me do things I don't normally do AND they like fourwheelers - not a point of contention for me!
    The Bad: Can be manipulated more easily than most type descriptions say. Not as good at manipulating others as people suggest, but more easily hurt than they let on.

    The Good: We're basically the same type, we just have different sensory interests. I write, you guys paint or ride fourwheelers (again with the ATVs!). Same difference.
    The Bad: Tendency to disappear. Oh wait, I do that too. Nevermind.

    The Good: Unbelievably kind and outgoing people. Likes to be with people and treats them right - there's something about that SeFi combo that makes ESFPs really amazing people to be around.
    The Bad: Are easily hurt. Just like me.
    The Ugly: Indecisiveness seems to hit them harder than most. Case in point: choosing girlfriends.

    The Good: Amazing to work with, even better friends, if we align correctly. Luckily, most of my ISTJ friends get along well with me.
    The Bad: Can be WAY too down on themselves when they view their failures through their logical lens.
    The Ugly: Worrying about the future for these guys seems to be something that consumes them.

    The Good: You guys are given an unbelievably bad rap from NP types because they tend to think that one "bad" ESTJ interaction means all of them are. Not so. ESTJs are very capable people, who, once you get beneath their work-persona, are very enjoyable to be around.
    The Bad: The Work-persona. Can be uncompromising at times if the ESTJ is not mature enough.
    The Ugly: Type conflict.

    The Good: Most of my best friends are ISFJs. That says something right there. We're both reserved, both feeling oriented people. ISFJs are a nice brick to bounce ideas off of - they don't make fun of people, and they're somehow serious and yet funny at the same time.
    The Bad: Similar to INFPs, have problems asserting themselves.
    The Ugly: When they lash out after having those problems.

    Seriously, ESFJs are also given a bad rap. It's easy to get mad at the "dominant types", but ESFJs DO care about people. They are good at social gatherings and are very reliable. I get along just fine with ESFJs.
    The Bad: Moody at times, and can be unyielding to others when they think they are right. Lash out nastily when they are perceived to be attacked.
    The Ugly: That lashing out, just like ISFJs.
    "Can you set me free from this dark inner world? Save me now, last beats in the soul.."

    Fonewearl and proud of it!

    I (85%) - N (80%) - F (35%) - P (90%)
    O: 94% C: 18% E: 21% A: 94% N: 38%
    9w1 (SP, SX, SO)
    (9, 5, 4)
    RCUAI (Primary Calm)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalach View Post

    You guys are no fun.
    I thought it was understood that you're exempt from this, because you're not a total dick

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    Default What I think about the 16 types

    ESFP-Fun and optimistic
    ESTP-Outgoing and crafty
    ENTP-Sincere hearts and adventurous
    ENFP-Fun loving and non threatening
    ISFP-Insightful and honest
    ISTP-Confident and disciplined
    INTP-Walking databases very resourceful for knowledge
    INFP-Compassionate and loving
    ISTJ-Loyal and very observant
    ISFJ-Sincere sincere sincere
    INTJ-Tactical and Logical, They get stuff done
    INFJ- Very insightful, wise, and can view the whole picture
    ESTJ-Disciplined, organized, and honest
    ESFJ- Very caring great host/hostesses
    ENFJ- Emotionally insightful
    ENTJ- Very outgoing and dedicated to succeed.

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    That was very tactful.

    What do you really think?

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    ISFP-Insightful and honest...

    Not all the time
    I'm a Phlegmatic-Melancholy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathanthegreat View Post
    man i was hoping people would actually follow my lead and post some words about what they thought about each of the 16 types, not debate Oprah's personality type. Which is Entj or esfj IMO.
    It's not personal, it's just that there's been alot of "What do you think of the 16 types" threads within the past couple of weeks:

    Most of the people inclined to comment on the subject have done so recently...

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    I thought I was special. tearsssss haha well I did just join the forum I read up on people's views of ENFJs. It's so true about what one person said. They said that an ENFJ would drag you out of a river and fight down zombies for you. I wouldn't hesitate running into a burning building if I knew someone was inside and needed rescue. Idk why but it's just something I would do. I don't fear death.

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    Good= the most positive traits, bad= the worst possible traits (IME)

    ENFJ: good- Very helpful, supportive, understanding, know how to draw people out (charisma), extremely perceptive of other people

    bad- can dwell in pessimism when alone, emotionally volatile, do not give themselves much credit, emotionally manipulative

    ENFP: Fun, random, warm, loving, knows how to relieve tension in a room, extremely good at comforting others, very creative

    bad- not very good listeners. flaky, tends to misinterpet what you are trying to tell them (this is just my experience with them)

    INFP: genuine, creative, understanding, healing, has great emotional depth, exceptional listeners

    bad- way too moody, staunch in their values/beliefs (unyielding), try too hard to be nonconformist (this isn't a Fe vs. Fi conflict... there seems to be forced nonconformity and genuine nonconformity)

    INFJ: Very insightful, considerate, curious, can see other's POVs with ease (usually)

    bad- extremely stubborn, argumentative, paranoid, easily overwhelmed, delusional, aloof

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