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    Hey guys. Just this is gonna be the ENTP forum from now on okay? You only have access to this thread. You'll have fun here. See, there's cardboard and construction paper. You can make inventions. Alright... RUN! NOW! *closes door*

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    i love construction paper
    She talks pretty but says mean things

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    I hate cardboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    Dude, fix your anger\frustration issues or pick on somebody ur size.
    say, a preschooler. If you feel brave.

    We adults are busy doing adult stuffs and baking delicious cookies.

    Ahhh Eck, I was looking at your posts and how childish the majority of them are. I picked out a few real winners to showcase this and wanted to quote you on them, I even had the tabs open and ready to go before my last post in here. I of course needed you to open that door so I posted my reply in this thread to bait you.

    I didn't expect it to be so easy and now I just feel bad so I'm sorry I will leave you alone from here on out. I didn't think it would be so simple as the puppet master pulling the string and the puppet lifting his hand.

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