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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    I truly don't understand the mentality of panicking before it's time to, is what I was saying. I don't dislike you, and I have no reason to take a stab at you about anything. You weren't wrong in what you did, I was saying it's just beyond what I can grasp, and I was sorry you had that guilt residing within you.
    Ok, thanks for clarifying. Although, I wasn't panicked. The lingering guilt is more resultant of the fact that I don't have that 'Yes! I want to!' certitude when it came to my Dad. I feel that my lack of willingness points to some aspect of my character - That ultimately I wasn't sure my dad was 'Kidney worthy'. It's weird to face that. And I feel guilty that I don't want to donate my organ, and feel like I 'Should' want to. And I can't really force that change of feeling within me.

    For my part I am amazed at those who just anonymously donate, or who give up an organ to someone they hardly know. But I'm glad those people exist in the world.

    (I do think though that if I were married, I would be willing to do it in a heartbeat for my spouse. That did occur to me months ago when I was thinking about all of this.)
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    For one of the babies or my husband, in a heartbeat. It's not even something I'd give thought to.
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