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    Default Type this sportsperson from his quotes

    What do you think will happen in the race tomorrow? -What do you think is going to happen?

    Your opinion of this "lewis-mania?" -Not interested. Ask him what it feels like.

    Montya's success with the NASCAR -car? I don't even care.

    Would you go to any other team other than Ferrari? - Probably not. -Definitely not? -I said probably not.

    Are you happy with the results? (Monza 2008) -Do you think I am?

    Do you think you're a good neighbour? -Of course, I'm the perfect neighbour. Because of the work I'm never home.

    Do you expect these tyres to be advantageous for your style of driving? -I don't know, and it doesn't matter. Tyres are what they are.

    What instructions would you provide for the first-timers Nico Rosberg and Scott Speed? -Hope they won't stay on my way.

    Are you romatic? -You'll have to ask my wife.

    How do the tyres feel? -They're rolling there allright.

    ***, what's the fifth starting place like to start from? -It's the fifth starting place

    What makes TAG Heuer unique? -It's ok

    The helmet has a special significance for many drivers. How important is it for you? -It protects my head

    What's the most exciting moment in the weekend? -Start -How about the most boring? -This

    Who are or were your heroes? -There aren't any

    -Formula 1 would be paradise without the press.

    -The people coming from Brazil or the whereabouts are all the same. They're kind of peculiar folks in there, and you never know what mood they are in at any one time.

    *** about his relation to a fellow sportsman: -We don't call, and I'm not interested about what he does.

    ***'s opinion about his opponents bluff: -I couldn't care less what the man thinks about.

    *** about speaking Italy: -You can speak Italy.

    About the French GP in 2002: -Shitty race

    ***, any changes in your life?

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    Perhaps it wasn't such a challenge I mean, it screams how he is, you know, ENFP..
    <insert the obligatory sarcasm clause in here>

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