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View Poll Results: The closest person to you has just committed murder. What do you do?

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  • help your friend bury the body and remain silent during their defense if they are caught

    19 28.36%
  • help your friend bury the body and if they got caught take the blame and take their punishment

    1 1.49%
  • help your friend bury the body- but break down and confess of your knowledge if they get caught

    0 0%
  • refuse to help the friend but don't report them

    21 31.34%
  • refuse to help the friend and report them to the authorities but visit them in prison

    20 29.85%
  • refuse to help, report them to authorities, and cut off ties and friendship with them completely

    6 8.96%
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    I chose A, even though I'd feel enormously guilty about not doing E.
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    I'd listen and offer advice. Depending on the situation, the nature of that advice might vary. Unless the circumstances were remarkable, I'd first strongly argue turning himself or herself in. If that flat-out wasn't going to happen, I'd switch to plan B or C.

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