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    Once I learnt how to write I'd start writing and wouldn't stop - I started writing stories and "1 page limited" tales would end up 25 pgs notebooks.. So I guess I liked it the minute I knew how.

    In upper sec my teacher told me my writings are too abstract and that no one would understand a word I'm saying - the essays I liked writing the most I ended up failing and the ones I found uninspiring gave me full points. So I think I like writing abstract text that has symbolical, hidden meanings - like riddles, that have tangents everywhere - but for no one else to see. But I honestly wish they'd be as exhilarating to reader as to me, creating them, as they could morph into many meanings and not be just charcoal coloured lines next to each other - self-explanatory.

    But all in all depends on what kind of text I'm writing. I need a context or I'll go nuts with all the possibilities.

    I become intoxicated writing metaphorically. So the thought process would be something like "Oh. a story about a rabbit?" "Oh the rabbit.. But that could be also .. And also .. And that would mean -> and would also transform and mean this.. And in a larger scale, that.. So the rabbit here isn't only representing a rabbit, it also stands for.. And the rabbit itself isn't even a rabbit, it's decoy, or a name.. And why not also .. And.. That would also mean all other things here transform as the rabbit jumps to a hole.. But the hole is, in reality, only reflection of.. Clearly it's obvious why I draw out this map for you to discover all these little hints I've gathered for you? And now you can see what you can - whatever you want - because the possibilities are endless."

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    I used to write a lot more in my youth. Won a few writing awards, published some articles, translated some books. Ne is my secondary function. While I still definitely prefer the written word to the spoken, I find that my creativity is not what it used to be. My head used to be full of ideas, but now they are rather limited. I'm not sure if that is age, or the medication I'm taking for my ailments. I miss the creative melange that used to inhabit my mind. Still hoping to get it back one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    LOL, aww, nah they were right. I'm too chaotic in my writing. Structure was never my thing. Like I said, I can do it nowadays as it was part of my training, but I refuse to
    I tend to just write the way I speak and go for the light-hearted stuff
    Do you ever find yourself saying serious stuff, but in a light hearted way? Not sure if this is a common Ne thing or maybe NTP, but I get people commenting now and again on how apparently, according to them, most people write in a certain way that they're taught, that formal style, and then if they write a lot, it bleeds into their speech patterns so that they talk quite formally. Whereas what they say I do is the opposite - I write as I speak, and then that bleeds back into my speech, so that I'm talking about serious and formal stuff, but using colloquial speech and informal language.

    I don't know how else I could be though. Any other way, and I'd just feel like a wanker...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cenomite View Post
    I've been told my whole life that I have a talent in creative writing. I'm curious to know if part of this is Ne fueled, as it seems likely.

    All I need to do to get started writing is get one idea in my head, and it's almost impossible to NOT branch off into 50 different directions from there. Then all I need to do is merge all of those branches with some bullshitted connection, and BAM I've got an A essay in an about an hour.

    That whole process makes me think "Ne". I'm curious to know if any Ne users find that writing papers and stories comes naturally. I'd prefer if responses came from people who are Ne primary or secondary, but a response from anyone who considers themselves to use Ne a lot is fine.

    Input is also welcome from people who think that this type of writing comes naturally to them and are NOT Ne users. If this applies to you, please describe your thought process when writing. How do you get started? How do you fuel your story/paper?
    Writing is one of my main strengths. I write in my head, too. It's also easy for me to bullshit on essays. I generally make straight A's on papers. I also journal a great deal, sometimes structured, but very often just free writing, whatever comes into my mind. I think that helps me when I turn to something that I actually need to focus on for a relevant purpose. I actually have had a short story begin as a dream. Generally I make connections from real life and things that I read, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Into It View Post
    You mean you use well English.
    Haha yes. Well thing you reminded me, I wouldn't have posted good.

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