Okay here is the objective of the thread.
Take two shows- combine them and create a new show while using one of the show's theme song- rewrite to fit the new combined theme.

Battlestar Galactica and Muppet Babies
You take BSG and make them babies- they fight in the playground- kiddify everything.
Baltar is always after all of the girls icecream. The swingset is where the viper fights take place.
It writes itself,lol.

Using Muppet Babies Theme Music

Cylon Babies They'll Project Your Dreams For You
Cylon Babies And They've Got A Plan For You

If you think that humans are humane
And Machines can't feel or care
Just watch this show then you'll believe
Those stereotypes aren't fair

Cylon Babies they'll ressurect for you
Cylon babies- the next one might be you

Cylon Cylon Cylon
Babies Babies Babies
Tigh is so cool

Now you try.
Let us make theme songs for new weirdly combined shows!