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    Red face Careful people, people of care: Describe to me your most spontaneous moments

    This goes out to the people who aren't that spontaneous. So you wacky EPs can just shut it.

    I can actually be quite spontaneous. The biggest moments for me is jumping, dancing, or going 100 miles an our on the freeway (back in the day)

    Not too exciting. So tell me. What do you do out of spontaneity?

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    Some things are too spontaneous for public consumption

    Other than that, I'm properly struggling to think of something spontaneous. Does deciding to go on holiday and booking a hotel only 2 days before going there count? Thought not.

    How depressing. I need to go with the flow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemons View Post
    So you wacky EPs can just shut it.

    So tell me. What do you do out of spontaneity?
    Sleep. Keep quiet. (contingent on each other)

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    I dragged a friend of mine swimming at midnight when the thought came to mind. She had a 30 minute warning though as that's the time it took me to get there.
    Usually I just hop on a train and go somewhere when I feel like it.

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    Sometimes I think I might be unconsciously masochistic. I don't enjoy pain, really. But I seem to have a knack of hitting my head at things my Ti believes it doesn't belong. :>

    But in all cases of spontanious moments I had, has been around people I've come to know and trust. Around people I don't know, I have the force the spontaniousness. Which ofcourse means it isn't exactly spontanious. :P

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