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View Poll Results: what makes people basically afraid of being a musician?

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  • feel lacking talent, or the "it" factor

    21 56.76%
  • feel lacking passion, or persistence

    12 32.43%
  • afraid of overwhelming expectations they'll be getting

    9 24.32%
  • afraid of the amount of spotlight, and thus lack of privacy

    7 18.92%
  • fear of lack of money, for daily living needs

    19 51.35%
  • not according to standard common society's wants of you

    9 24.32%
  • other (please explain below)

    8 21.62%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I'm not afraid of being a musician. I just pick up instruments and fool around. I can think of scarier things to do. /sarcasm

    I don't factor in performance or what I'm supposed to doing with it as a career. Not out of fear.. it's just not what it's about. I was talking to Tallulah about this other day (that she agreed with as well). I made a joke that I barely even play standing up.. I barely put a guitar strap on. That whole other aspect is an afterthought.

    When I do think about it however, it's not really the direction for me anyways. I don't know where music is going (industry-wise) these days. People barely even buy music these days. Your bread and butter is touring now (hard work, for sure). Unless you skyrocket into Lady Gaga territory or something. It's really polarized as far making a good income out of (you might be lucky if have some niche though). Some of my favorite bands though contain people who actually have dayjobs and other side projects. Some are only making 30 grand in their best year, strictly from music. There was an NPR show on this the other day actually.. can't find a link.. but I knew about this anyways. It was already heading in this direction by the 90's. There's a well known article by Steve Albini (recording engineer/former front of Big Black) where he pointed out some other issues (before piracy was even a problem): The Problem With Music

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpioINTP View Post
    That would be me. Does thisica know this thread is 2 yrs old?
    Quote Originally Posted by Snuggletron View Post
    what's with all the necromancy today?
    So? Its an interesting thread. I don't mind a little necromancing now and then.

    Quote Originally Posted by niki View Post
    what do you guys think?

    is it mainly because they feel like they're lacking talent, or the "it" factor to succeed?

    or feel lacking passion, or persistence to really really strive for it, 'till you succeed? (but isn't it the same as other kind of professions?)

    or is it because people basically afraid of the overwhelming expectatations they'll be getting? (from public, fans, spotlight, media, labels, etc etc)

    or is it mainly because of the amount of spotlight they'll be getting, and lack of privacy?

    or is it mainly because of the fear of lack of money, for living needs?

    or is it mainly because it's not according to what most common society (ie: parents, family, relatives, friends) wants you to do? they think it's just a stupid even "not real" career?

    or other things?
    I'm sure it depends on the person but I think all of these reasons are pretty common.
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    I didn't realise the thread was that old, but hey, people are responding...
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