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I say yes, but only if everyone in the party is respectable during the getting things done.

Saying "Please accomodate the mission at hand with this." is the same as "Hey, get started on this!" and I don't usually get offended either way, but prefer the former when I talk to people.

The problem is.. people have a tendency to mistake kindness for weakness. I think this sort of attitude is really disgusting.. The kindness is FOR them for their pleasure.. and they're taking advantage of it. Usually these are the same people that get upset when things are not-so-nice later on and expect people to give them opportunities to be selfish.

anyway i usually don't have this problem.

why not? cus i am a in-your-face kind of a person.

i actually have to deliberately be nice to get things done from nice people who actually appreciates politeness.

i love these kind of people and try my best (ALWAYS SUCCESSFULLY) to reciprocate their warmth!

i am extremely good at noticing what type of people are the type which you can't get things done by being polite.

so i throw it in their faces.

but when i meet someone from whom i can get things done by being polite, i am polite!