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    Quote Originally Posted by cloud View Post
    you should not be ashamed of being a loner. Alot of people are loners in real life...
    Find and mingle with people you can click with, that will help alot. or move to a foreign country to extrovert yourself.
    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    i feel i can be more blunt and direct and personal and honest when i talk english [when i'm oblivious about fine language/commincation rules] - for instance talking to a stranger: it seems to be easy in english. you could just call someone Sir. if it is odd, it assumed to be because you are a foreigner. you cant do that in germany (if german). "hallo, guten tag der herr" is only allowed for people who wear a trenchcoat and are over 70 years old. there is no "Ma'm" either. dame or fršulein .. not common in public space! being german in germany i will have to wait for an opportunity to quit a dialoge in a friendly stylish way. in english i would just do it.

    but i totally suck at pronunciation of english
    Yeah I found that when I was living in France I became an extravert with tons of friends. They were even actual friends, not just acquaintances. It's a shame that they're all abroad now I'm back in the UK, but we're still in contact. I don't like to speak to them in English, even though they speak it perfectly well.
    I think language might well have something to do with it. Even now when I speak French I find myself getting into a different mindset, possibly just because I associate it with my very different life in France. The French version of me is cooler *sigh*. The ISTJness of me just seems to ring true with my English background.
    Of course, the actual action of moving abroad must be one reason. It's such a confidence boost to be living abroad and coping with all the real life situations that it entails. The freedom and independence as well, it's like there's no barriers to being your positive, outgoing self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synapse View Post
    I'm trying to be less of a loner these days which is working to a degree but somehow I still feel like a loner because the friends I know are unable to talk about the conversations I'm interested in. So I'm accepted now and less of an outcast if I choose not to be.
    Doesn't sound like the ideal situation. I wouldn't even call people like that friends. Is there nowhere you can go to meet people with similar interests?

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    I think NFs are more likely to be Out casts than any other type. especially INFPs.

    NTs are more likely to be troublemakers rather than out casts when they are young. when they get older i think they shed that title a bit as well. they'll be labeled as Eccentric or even overly aggressive rather than out casts.

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    Outcast? No, not that I'm aware of....does anyone enjoy high school? Worst years of my life, and yes, I truly was an outcast then.
    Now, other than being a confirmed, people seemed to be somewhat intrigued by me. I even quite like my persona to a degree. It serves a purpose anyway. It gets both harder and easier when you are older to make friends. I tend to hang with the misfits anyway, plus I'm nomadic by nature. So long as I have some one to have intelligent conversation over a beer or two, I'm happy.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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