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    I get the "Have you eaten/dressed properly/not hurt yourself etc.." lines everytime my mom calls me. She's aware that it annoys me yet does it. So.. I turn the tables on her and start asking the same things about her. Before realising what I'm doing she usually gets very annoyed.

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    My parents never did that, it would have got lost in translation from English to moroccan, the whole third person reference isn't really done over there.

    I do it though lol I think I'll do it to my kids right up until it becomes excrutiatingly embarrassing for them, and beyond.
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    No, but my Dad has a habit of telling me stories involving students of his who were coincidentally in THE EXACT SAME situation (whatever it is at the time) as me 6 months ago and did x, y and z to successfully deal with it. It makes me laugh at first. If he keeps going, it makes me angry.
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    Let's see...I can't ever remember my parents talking about themselves in the 3rd person. I think I would be brought to tears from laughter if they started to now. LOL As for how they treat me, it all depends on the situation. At times, my mom and I are like best friends. At other times, she becomes very mothering...sometimes her bluntness in the way she puts things hurts. Other times, I appreciate that she's direct with what she says. My dad and I...well I can count on him for just about anything. He also can be very protective, but I'm mostly accepting of it and humor him.

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    Never has, never will.
    Then again mine isn't the best example of a "normal" or "together" or "whatever families are supposed to be" family.

    So really that was no help at all, haha.
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    She sometimes still talks me to in a tone you might use with a toddler. She seemed sad when I moved out and she calls all the time; asks me whether I'm eating well, reminds me to tie my seat belt in the car, asks whether I've done my stretching exercises, reminds me to wear warm clothing when I'm cold, inquires about my health literally every other day and whatnot. I don't get angry anymore because I realise that she does all this because she cares very deeply. I answer her questions in a straightforward manner, I try to make her laugh and am very patient with her.

    While on the topic of attempting to reverse roles, after reminding her too many times, I once curtly told my mother that she HAD to go the doctor right THEN (she kept putting it off). She gave me a sharp, terrifying look before realising that I was adamant because I cared about her then she relaxed. I'm never trying that again.

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