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    Trinity's choices are so cool. The pictures are the icing on the cake. Mine pale in comparison. I'm gonna go back and do mine again properly.

    If I remember...

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    1. Best place to be alone, "happy place"
    My home is my sanctuary. I open the windows and listen to the birds and other wildlife in this wooded area. I crank up my metal/punk/hard rock/electronica or my jazz/blues/classical/folk music and just hang out with my cat

    2. Favorite place/atmosphere to wake up in
    Sunday morning, at home, when I can just lay in bed a bit longer and then fix myself a good breakfast without having to worry about very much that day.

    (I'm doing this now )

    3. Favorite place to be with people
    Pretty much anywhere, but usually hitting up a bunch of random places downtown on a Saturday night. Gatherings at a friend's place are also great.

    4. Place where you feel the strongest sense of home
    Well.. home A serene, wooded atmosphere that's absolutely perfect because of what was described previously.

    5. Place you remember best with someone you love
    Going out and listening to live jazz while playing pool in a smoky, somewhat run-down bar out in the middle of nowhere. In a way, the entire night seemed to symbolize me inviting her into my world and her accepting the invitation with open arms.

    on another note

    Quote Originally Posted by plaguerat View Post
    Rise Against, Flogging Molly
    oh hell yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by greed View Post
    on another note

    oh hell yeah

    I liked your taste in music from the start. Though I tend to like to drown people out with my music, and have maybe some ambiance thing going on if and when I'm with nature.

    Also, cats seem to be a fairly popular item, yet again.

    And the pics were very nice. Loved the music one.
    "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."

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