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    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC View Post
    That sounds like a challenge.
    Haha, doesn't it, though? I find myself trying to do just that.. I'll study a bit deeper into some topic, then switch over to another one, then maybe back to the original topic, and so on.. depending on my mood, what I'm interested in, and what needs to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    As the depth of human understanding of the world increases, technology increases, etc, specialization will be required simply because our capacity to be a general species would be limited. It is significantly harder to be a polymath now than 100 years ago, because there is more to know and do. If anything we're only going to become more specialized, to the point where in thousands of years the species will diverge.
    Sympatric speciation? They would likely be co-dependent (otherwise the benefits resulting from specialization would disappear).

    Eloi and Morlocks?

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