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    Default What's In Your Tool Box???

    If dropped into the middle of nowhere, what would you want in a tool kit to get you going?

    Laptop with Wireless G/Satellite Card
    Gerber Multi Tool
    Cell Phone
    $1,000 Cash (Lunch Money!)

    Mossberg 590 Mariner w/ Buckshot + Sabot Slugs
    Marine Kabar Knife
    Gerber Multi Tool
    5 Lighters
    LED Flashlight
    Beef Jerky (Teriyaki!)
    Trail Mix (Big Bag!)
    Water Purification Tablets
    4 Liters Water

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    In the garage...... hmm.

    Portable toolbox:
    Metric 3/8" drive deep socket set (various 9-14mm sockets)
    Metric 1/2" drive socket set (various 12-can't remember mm regular sockets)
    Metric 1/4" drive deep socket set (forget which sizes)
    Torx-head 3/8"-drive set
    Flare wrench
    Channel wrench
    Locking-jaw pliers (2 of them, craftsmen brand)
    Bunch of adapters and at least one 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drive U-joint adapters
    5/8" spark plug socket
    Metal toothbrush, spool of metal wire, two oil filter wrenches, multiple socket extensions, multiple ratchets
    Greases 'n stuff - two types of silicone sealant, silicone dielectric tuneup grease, 3M rubber & gasket adhesive, blue loctite, anti-seize compound, CRC anti-vibration brake grease (the red goo)
    Small washers & screws
    Underneath - timing light, huge C-clamp, small C-clamp, battery terminal cleaner, Mity-Vac plastic vacuum pump w/ one-man brake bleeder kit (actually works!), turkey baster
    + god knows what else I left out 'cause I don't know it's there

    several plastic tubs of..... junk. Detailing supplies, electrical parts, air filters, at least one HeliCoil set, who knows
    Two metal shelves against the wall with lots of oil/fuel cleaners/oil filters/pneumatic tools up top (1/2" drive impact wrench, 3/8" air ratchet, tire inflator, two blower extensions, some hand wrench sets including a metric GearWrench set, a tap & die thread cleaning set, etc) plus small parts for my motorcycle/set of JB-Weld epoxy tubes/ear protection/eye protection/old K&N oil filters and filter cleaning supplies/towels and glass cleaner/one of those thingies you use to check if a brake rotor is out of round (can't remember the name of it off the top of my head)

    I've only ever bought Japanese vehicles (including my motorcycle) so pretty much everything I have is metric
    intp | type 9w1 sp/sx/so

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    We need JAVO in here.

    I'll get back to you. I haven't finished infusing my daily caffeine yet.

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