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    Default personifying your friends through art or other means

    recently i accidentally spent too much money on a piece of art since i misread the price. as a result of that, i decided i would figure out a more clear purpose and intent behind purchasing art. i decided that art i'd buy in the future would somehow personify each of my friends.

    so, my roommate recently started dj'ing for the first time at a specific venue using the pseudonym "Mr J." I'm not 100% sure if he meant the J to refer to the j in joker but, anyway, after i dropped him off I came back to the apt and layered the area above his table with joker cards so he would have a neato surprise for whenever he got back.

    he also had a specific image set as his facebook profile image so i found the original image (a card from a french card game), found some obscure store online, waited for the mail and framed it for him.

    for that moment in time and perhaps all future times, my roommate will be the joker.

    would you personify people you know and what would they be

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    One night I was tripping, while hanging around while some friends were playing cards, and they all looked a bit like caricatures of themselves - I thought of the famous painting of dogs playing poker.

    I once had a girlfriend that I nicknamed "elf" because she reminded me of that. ( Later I changed her nickname to "umlaut". )

    I have a friend who looks very similar to, say, a photorealist El-Greco style Jesus ( he has a longer narrow face than the traditional look, but everything else is present ) when he wears a mustache and beard. He's always looking to help people too, and so it sort of fits. ( I don't actually call him that, though. I just think it sometimes)

    I'm a Joker collector and I had nicknames for the more commonly available ones as a kid.
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