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    Default The possibilities of a moon civilization

    So I'm a not-so-secret geek who loves Star Wars fanfic and kind of wishes she had been born a few thousand years from now, when humans might be exploring new worlds.

    Yesterday my dad told me that they're thinking of building a station on the moon where mechanics work on rockets, because it's more cost-effective than doing everything on Earth. Forget the exact details, but I got REALLY, geekily excited. I started imagining this huge pressure dome over the entire moon, and the development of a moon-civilization with its own government and economy.

    Hopefully someone here is as geeky as me and would like to speculate about what such a civilization would look like.

    I'm picturing that the economy would be based on services and manufactured goods. It would be skilled misfits from the First and Second Worlds at first. People are going to immediately see the potential for relocating Third World refugees though, and there'll be a technical school started so that some of them can go live on the moon and make a decent living there. It's going to be mostly men, because the skills required are science and engineering-based. There will be a few skilled women, wives and girlfriends of the wealthier guys, and a good number of prostitutes.

    They will develop their own government. At first this government may be under the banner of Earth states, but it will grow more and more autonomous. Eventually, the Moon country may want to secede.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    EDIT: If you want to speculate on the possibilities of a future galactic civilization and how we might get there, feel free to do that as well!

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    There actually may be multiple countries on the moon. Unless the Earth becomes unified before the moon is heavily settled.

    How would they deal with water? It seems like it would be very inefficient to haul containers of water up there all the time. We would need to develop a system that either created water or was very effective at recycling it (which I guess we already have.)

    I agree though, the thought of humans spreading beyond Earth has always made me giddy with excitement and sad that I would probably never see that in my lifetime.
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