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    Quote Originally Posted by Snail View Post

    When I have to argue with a sexist, a size-ist, a racist, an intellectual elitist, or some stupid asshole trying to defend the philosophy that selfishness is a virtue so he can use it as an excuse to be morally irresponsible and inconsiderate, I get pretty pissed off. They're all issues that have to do with people making defensive, supposedly "rational" excuses to treat others unfairly and elevate themselves above others. I don't have much tolerance for such attitudes, and I lose patience with such people quickly.

    Why? Because I'm better than them, dammit!
    LOL! Me too! But doesn't everyone?
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    I usually don't get too upset about anything. I just think "whatever, that guy is an asshole/stupid/ect". It mostly bothers me when people maintain the "facT" of their statement when they clearly have no understanding of the topic but think they do even after you tell them they don't.

    For example, I get a little uptight when arguing with fundies about evolution if they maintain their arguments long after I have discredited/disproved them. But that rarely happens :P

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