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    When I qualified as a professional, I was a prize winner, but didn't want to go to the graduation (London Guildhall). I was "made" to go or I wouldn't get the prize! I guess they wanted their prize winners there for the ceremony.

    I made them pay for my travel to London if they wanted me there, though!!

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    I get my high school and associates degree this summer. Both graduating with honors.
    I don't really want to go to either.

    I'm probably not going to the high school one.
    But I think my mom will make me go to the college one.

    I value education, I just don't relate to my peers at all. I'm also very detached from them because I haven't gone to high school for the past two years (been doing dual enrollment, college only). I hated high school. I hated my peers. Sure I have my friends there still but I do not see how me being on stage would make their week or anything. On top of that it's going to be 2,000+ students - seriously.
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    I went to my high school graduation because my mom wanted me to. I was pretty indifferent to it. I think I would have rather stayed home and played video games, but it didn't kill me to go or anything. It was just a little boring. I did really well in school; I'm just not into ceremonies.

    ha...I'm not going to my college graduation though, because I'll be studying abroad. I think my mom will be pretty sad about that (I'm 1st-gen college student), but I guess I have a good excuse.

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    heart on fire
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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    PS. I just read up on Heart's story - that's a stunner of a story to me. I can kinda understand if you went to a very small tight-knit school where everyone knew everyone and their parents and children - but still, wow. They are trying to intimidate your family into going.
    To be fair it was just really that one counselor who created the controversy over me not going. I don't know what their motivations were, just know how they acted outwardly. That person, my personal counselor, was always a pain to deal with so it was in character for them.

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    I went to my HS graduation in year 12. It wasn't a waste of time. As for uni...I'm concerned about the commercialisation of it. I like the formality of ceremony which has meaning, not a disguised marketing parade.
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    I wanted to go to my high school one and did. I was more indifferent towards my college one- my parents insisted I go. The undergraduated college one was boring, I didn't know the majority of the fellow graduates and hearing 1000 names read bored me in no time. I never went to my graduate school one after receiving my Masters and didn't care that much.
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    Going to the graduation ceremony isn't for you. It's for your parents. Yes you did the work, but it's your parents that want to be all like *gush* *gush* *gush* I'm so proud of bobby sue he/she got his bachelors.
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    only SJs like graduations.

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    I went to graduation just because I knew it was going to be the last time I was going to see lots of people I spent time with. We all looked good, and overall it was a nice experience. It was really funny to see all the sluts from our class that got nailed by different guys every weekend dressed up all academically and professional though haha

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    High School: I'd have preferred not to go given the option. High school was an unpleasant experience I had no desire to celebrate. But honestly, the very concept that it was an option would never have occurred to any of us. Besides, my parents paid for my high school.

    College: I wanted to go, went, and enjoyed it.

    Grad School: I had no desire to drive five hours to participate in some massive impersonal graduation with thousands of students that happened four months after I actually finished classes. Especially since my department had already held a low-key party/ceremony for the 30 or so people in my program. I took a lot of grief from family for not doing it, but I thought it was stupid.
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