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    Senior Member Bamboo's Avatar
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    Jan 2009


    I didn't go to HS graduation.

    I remember that near the end of the semester we had a day where we had to all line up in rows to get fitted for our gowns and do a rehearsal. I knew I wasn't going and wanted to go home/leave the building and get some air.

    I skipped the line, and with no introduction told the guidance counselor at the front:

    "Hi. *Bamboo*. Cross me off the list, I'm not going to it."

    She sort of looked at me funny, and started to tell me something about 'once-in-a-lifetime' and I cut her off.

    "Yeah, just mail me my diploma." And then I walked away. I thought I was hot shit.

    Instead of graduation and the lame "beach week" my ex classmates had in Delaware (where many of them got busted for drinking/partying), I went on a trip overseas.

    Basically, it came down to this:
    Swimming in the Mediterranean, cool bars on the beach, desert sunset outside of Jericho v. waiting around in a silly outfit for a piece of paper I don't care about and getting sent to the drunk tank in Delaware.

    What would you pick?
    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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    I never wanted to go to any of mine either. Mom made me go to the high school graduation, telling me I'd not have to go to one for college. College graduation comes around, and she insists that I sit though it, and that I won't have to go to grad school one. Grad school comes around... and I basically got out of it as I left before getting the PhD. and got a Masters instead, so nobody really wanted to press me on it. I don't think I even knew when the ceremony *was* - I certainly wasn't going to attend .

    I really can't stand those sorts of things. Just like lots of other folks have said, I don't really see it as a symbol of what I've done, learned, or accomplished. Attending doesn't really change any of that... so it winds up being an expensive, boring afternoon among a horde of mostly strangers that I'd rather be doing something else. With family stress on top. In the end I did it largely because my parents (especially Mom) would have been crushed (and I'd have been dragged through the guilt-trip mud, bigtime) if I'd not gone. In the end it wasn't that big a deal... but I did *endure* it, not *enjoy* it.

    Jeff makes a good point about HS graduation though... I didn't want to go, but there was a sense of unity among everyone that was quite unusual for the high school crowd - even among people I didn't like (very few of those, really) and didn't know (most). My 20-year reunion's coming up this spring (across the country), and I'm sort of ambivalent about whether I'll go or not. Might get convinced by a friend, or maybe family stuff will prevent me from going. Who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    High school graduation felt like a rite of passage - the burden of having to go to school everyday, to have my life determined for me, was over. And my friends, well, this was a signal for the end of our friendships, unless we determined to stay together. I went too far away to remain part of the "loop", so it was basically goodbye.

    Sure, the black robes and pompous nature of graduation are somewhat over the top. But to say it's a complete waste of time.. I dunno. It felt like I was moving on to the next stage. I could choose to leave college anytime I want to, go be a carnie for the rest of my life. I can make choices now. The ceremony just sort of let me say goodbye to simplicity. I wouldn't really have wanted to miss graduation because of that fact.. it was a little validation, a recognition (finally) that I was an adult and responsible for my actions now...

    I'm sure as hell not missing my college graduation... this place has given me so much. Not in terms of actual education, though I have REALLY developed my ability to analyze text and figure out what's really being said behind it - I love it! But the main thing I've learned in college is how to really interact with people. It's.. different than how I used to be. I think that's why I used to think I had asperger's syndrome. College has forced me, through my job, to develop and grow. The diploma won't be a symbol for the end of my journey, but the beginning of a hopefully good future.

    Yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you, Jeremy.
    "I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."

    Robert Frost

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    We don't have high school graduation here in the UK, but we do have university graduation. I'm looking forward to it! It's the culmination of my achievements, a recognition of all the hours of hard work I've strived to put in... I want people to recognise my brilliance Plus you can get together with uni friends who you might not see for a while again. If I got less than a 2:1 I'd still go but I wouldn't talk about my grade (It might still happen, but it better not!) Also, I can understand why people who only get 'pass' degrees don't go, because they have to wear a completely different gown and it would be obvious to the world that you only just scraped more than a fail.

    I went with my boyfriend and his family to his graduation and he was so bored. I was more excited than him He didn't even want to be in the photo for his subject group, and we rushed off as soon as the ceremony was over It's once in a lifetime! Make a day of it!! He got a 1:1 as well, so it certainly wasn't embarrassment at failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmm View Post
    I can understand that ceremonies kinda suck cause they're long and boring but this is your graduation. You worked hard for it! I'm thinking people who skip this are not proud of themselves for whatever reason.
    Hmm.. I think you're right.

    I didn't attend my uni graduation.. I didn't care too much for it. Plus, it was BLAZING hot weather at that time. I would've melted my skin in the sun. No. I would've had a really bad sunburn, not to mention, our ceremony would've been really close to the freeway, and I wasn't in the mood to inhale pollution, combined with muggy weather at that time..

    You are right tho. I walked for my H.S. ceremony, only bc I had to. I will walk when I get my Master's or Ph.D. I know that's for sure! ;D

    Oh- I think my proudest moment was when I saw my dog walk across the podium at his dog training school graduation. He won the 'most improved' award... Awwe.. I my little guy.

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    I skipped both my hs and uni ceremonies. I saw no point in celebrating something that everyone else accomplished also. Wouldn't it actually be more distinguished to not go?

    I'm somewhat surprised that others felt the same way. I thought that I alone held the bragging rights all these years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not_Me View Post
    I'm somewhat surprised that others felt the same way. I thought that I alone held the bragging rights all these years.
    No, you don't, and making this poll was part of my master plan to show you all that you're not so special and hotty totty in your boycott, so now you all should be proud of yourselves and go.

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    We don't have High School graduations here (anyway by the end of HS almost everyone had dropped out) but I never went to my graduation after uni, I went to my wife's one and that one was more than enough. Boring old farts, pomp and ceremony is just not me, also I would've had to stayed in town for two more weeks and I wanted to get out of there.

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    I think it's important to attend graduations for several reasons:

    1.) To celebrate the attainment of the end result, whether you think you had to work "hard" or not.

    2.) To commemorate the conclusion of your schooling thus far; thus marking the beginnning of a new stage in your life.

    3.) To Have FUN! To be proud of yourself! And it helps you be thankful for even having the opportunity to go to school!

    So I say GO!

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    There is something about graduation ceremonies that move me, especially with the orchestral music and *well-composed* speeches. I went to my HS and college graduations and I enjoyed them both--because I was proud of myself and the fact that I got to be the one in the middle wearing the funny hat and gown. Both of those ceremonies served their purpose as tangible symbolism for the rite-of-passage they represent. The only part I hated about college graduation was the silly meet'n'greet afterwards where my parents got to meet my coworkers (I found it intriguing how excited my [most likely-]INFJ boss was to meet my parents).
    intp | type 9w1 sp/sx/so

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