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    My new obsession within the Myers-Briggs world is the "nemesis." My nemesis is an INTP. We are very much alike in many ways, but what ultimately catalyzed the nemesis-hood was when I claimed that he was nothing more than "the introverted me." That did not go well. Now we fondly plot each others' ultimate demise and our mutual friends sure get a kick out of our antics.

    So, share your nemeses!

    Just for fun: [YOUTUBE=""][/YOUTUBE] YouTube - Phineas and Ferb- Nemesis

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    Are you sure that's not socionics?

    I would guess that means ENFP-INFP are nemeses (which makes so much sense!! LOL) but no, I think Heart broke it down function wise before and it's different.

    Just point me in the direction of my red-hot-fire-in-the-belly-and-everywhere-else-love-of-your-life type and I'm there.
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    Interesting theory....

    I must admit, however, that my nemesis-hood with said NT is all in good fun, and very likely because we are so similar. If I were to have a real nemesis (as in someone I would find living with absolutely insufferable), he or she would probably be an SJ.

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