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    Default True Roommate Stories

    This just happened to me today, and I'm not making this up.

    I have 2 roommates, He is ESFP and She is ESTP. Our bathroom sink clogs frequently, so I make efforts to keep it as infrequent as possible by using tissue paper to wipe my whiskers out of the sink when I'm done shaving.

    About a week or so ago, She dyed her hair in the sink. That same night, the sink clogged.

    Today, I wake up. He's in the bathroom, plunger-ing the sink. I wander in and take a look, and he says, "Dude, you and me gotta start wiping our whiskers out of the sink when we shave."

    I say, "I do."

    He says, "Ah, okay, good."

    I say, "You know (She) dyed her hair just the other day, and the sink clogged just after that --"

    He outright dismissed me, "AH, naah naah naaah!" And he chuckles like my suggestion was silly or something.

    "When you dye your hair or put your hair in the sink, some hair falls out dude --"

    "NAAAAH naah naah! You have a pretty weird idea of how science works, dude. Har har har..."


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    I knew an INFJ who was living with an ESFP. It was interesting. The INFJ used to hate that the ESFP would get into shit, but couldn't say anything because she'd been there before...

    Good luck.

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