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    Cats are seen as female because they have no moral compass or souls. Dogs are manly because they are loyal, just, and won't eat their master's corpse when they get hungry out of a moral sense of duty.

    Yes, that's precisely why!

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    I am a woman who sympathizes more with men, I find them more often to be better people and or more interesting company, then women and I don't get along much with other women- and I don't much care for cats so that connection they have to being associated as more female seems to make more sense as to why I don't like them as much,lol. The prissyness and the whole ego and temperment of a cat rubs me very much the wrong way as do most women. Both tend to be more judgemental,lol.

    A dog is straight forward- is fun loving- is a pal who just wants to be himself and can let you be yourself and is with you to the end and isn't so tempermental.

    Now I know- there are good women who are more like dogs and prissy men who are more like cats- and even the dogs and cats can switch in their behaviors and temperments- I am just talking about my experiences in a general sense. The dog community is more endearing and comfortable and fun for me and as are so most guys- conversations are more interesting and they are more forgiving and are more easy going. Very dog like.

    The cat community seems more uppity and self agrandizing and shallow as are most circles of women- I don't much care for the gossiping and the fashions and trends and all the subjective outlooks. I always seem to piss off cats for reasons I don't even understand and always seem unworthy of their presence- very much what I encounter with most other women,lol. I do get along with some women believe it or not and have great female friends- this is just in general.

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    The end. And both my girl dogs are very feminine and sweet. Except the one who weighs 6lbs and thinks she can take on German Shepherds at the dog park.
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    Think it might have something to do with the fact that dogs tend to be seen as having a sense of accountability, and cats do not.

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    cats are pussies
    dogs are wieners

    its logical.
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