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    I like movies that can weave plots within each other. I don't have a favorite per say, but I fell in love with the new Batman's when they came out.

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    I don't discriminate any genre. I watch mostly everything I can get my hands on, depending on my mood. I can find at least something useful in even the most horrible "creations", even if it is just a few laughs.

    However, my "special" favourites are dramas. People going through stuff, how they battle themselves and the outside world, intricate relationships analyzed in depth. I find it more enjoyable when the viewers are left guessing, the director subtly points at something but then leaves the viewers to make their own conclusion, I am aware of the subtle manipulation when the director leads the viewers to the end conclusions but I enjoy being lead that way. Too much moralizing and treating the viewers like little children who have to be taught an obvious lesson is not really my cup of tea when it comes to a good movie experience.

    I also enjoy multiple references in the dialogues, sort of fast-paced interactions and lots of information intermittent with breather periods to ponder over what is going on and what is said or left unsaid.

    I really try not to have much expectation for the movies beforehand, I want to enjoy the positive things that come my way and hopefully, when I finish watching the movie the positives outweigh the negatives.

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    I'm not that picky about movies, but there are few I ever feel the need to see more than once.

    I tend to like movies that are whimsical, offbeat, imaginative, darkly funny and/or absurdly silly (but not vulgar), have good dialog & are visually interesting.... I also like old, classic movies a lot, including musicals. I think the writing was better (okay, not so much for the musicals ). I do tend to prefer movies that deal with relationships in some way, that focus on character development & themes about being HUMAN basically. Movies that are more about plot, action, visual effects, etc, don't usually interest me. I also have a strong distaste for violence, so slasher horror movies are out, but suspense & psychological thrillers are good.

    Some movies I like:

    Before Sunrise & Before Sunset
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    Swing Kids
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Rear Window
    Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Muriel's Wedding
    Out of Sight
    Sense & Sensibility
    High Fidelity
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    I like Sci-fi, action, comedy, and horror movies.

    Also, I watch anything with Samual L. Jackson. I bet if he replace Woody Harreson in Zombieland, it would have been 10x more badass. One movie that I really like is Oldboy, it is a sick movie with an awesome plot.
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    I like almost everything, except:

    - Romance
    - Torture porn
    - Cancer movies for miserable housewives over forty
    - Movies that try to tell you that you should never have se before you get married
    - Vague and abstract movies that are vague and abstraor the sake of being vague and abstract
    - Movies that take themselves too seriously
    - Movies with animal abuse in them
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    I'll watch anything other than horror .. I don't understand what pleasure people get from scary films. It's scary.

    I like movies that move me .. Braveheart, Shawshank, American history X, Atonement.

    I also love period drama's.
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