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Thread: Lies

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    Probably not, because I don't feel like people are lying to me very often (excluding white lies which are usually obvious).

    But maybe my friends really ARE honest. right? right? I can hope, anyway.
    -end of thread-

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    Yes, and people who lie to me annoy me to no end.

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    I can only really be sure when I ask someone about a thing they may/mayn't have done, and then they deny it/feign ignorance and completely shut down.
    Sometimes they've admitted to lying afterwards, but it's annoying because I already saw through their poor ruse!

    Oh and also if the person appears more to grow more agitated as they elaborate their 'story'.

    I can't tell on the internet, unless the facts are just wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colors View Post
    Are you good at telling if people are lying? (Though if you aren't, how would you know?)
    Good liars are very few and far between. Meryl Streep, for instance, is one of them.

    Meryl is such an outstanding liar because she can control not only what she says but how she says it.

    For most of us though, we can control what we say but how we say it is left to itself.

    And as we constantly check for coherence between what is said and how it is said, lies are soon found out.

    Deception though is often important for our emotional survival, so we learn to perform an operation on ourselves called dissociation.

    Where we dissociate parts of our own psyche from each other, and don't even let them talk to one another.

    Dissociation works quite well against our parents and peers, and gives us deniability so plausible, we naturally believe it ourselves.

    And so we survive into emotional adulthood, dissociated mutilated creatures seeking an explanation for our divided selves.

    And lo and behold, MBTI steps into the breach.

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