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Thread: H and R Block

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    Default H and R Block

    What stories have you heard of them?
    Any first hand pros and cons?
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    When I've done my taxes myself, I've used their free online program with good success. If your taxes aren't complicated, it's a good option.
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    My father, who has been in real estate for thirty years or more, can quote horor story after horror story from folks who went to H&R Block. Basically Block caters to the crowd who should be doing their own taxes, but aren't sharp or confident enough to do so. Throw something complex at them, like a couple of shares of stock, and they wind up costing you money.

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    We used them once. Uncomplicated tax situation. They screwed up at least 3 times, so much so that I had to go back those 3 times to resign stuff (one of those times actually got sent back by the IRS!) Didn't get any kind of a reduction on the fee and will NEVER deal with them again.

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