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    Quote Originally Posted by ladypinkington View Post
    It doesn't matter type so much as if the people aren't too serious and are good laughers. I like the company of people who I have good comedic chemistry with- I have come across both introverts and extroverts who can provide me this. There are plenty of too serious extraverts and introverts both too.
    I agree with this. It's really all about the chemistry you have with the other person (and I don't mean romantic chemistry--just the way your personalities intersect).

    I do become the extrovert around really introverted people, and it drains me really quickly. I also can become the J around really P people, which also drains me. I don't like having to use my weak functions to accommodate someone else's lack of whatever.
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    Not sure how this applies here, but I have definitley pulled more than one introvert out of "the depths of despair" and motivated them to get moving and do something useful. As rude as that may sound, they thanked me afterwards.

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