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Thread: Roadtrip

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    i'm liking the RV thang and I think the kids would LOVE it too. :P

    Here's an example of what we'd rent.

    of course here's what i'd like to rent but there's no way we're paying over $500 a night.

    If we fly, hotels would be no cost to us because of an accumulation of hotel points and as far as driving in the car, I'm not doing that. So it's the RV or air travel.

    Thanks for your replies
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    I wish I could go along. I got grandma fever so bad I'd be a natural for babysitting.

    Be sure to get an RV with a hot tub so you can do your relaxing bubble bath thing, Jen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    I wish I could go along. I got grandma fever so bad I'd be a natural for babysitting.

    Be sure to get an RV with a hot tub so you can do your relaxing bubble bath thing, Jen.
    lol Anja

    I also want to note that you can cook in the RV so you don't have to eat fast food. That is part of the fun too! You HAVE to stop at RV sites to dump (yak!) which have fees, I think, but as a kid, I remember always thinking those were fun because they were often at camp grounds or parks and it's fun for kids to explore. Oh and btw, you should go to Yosemite (ahem). Anyways, the RVs have TV and DVD players and some even have washing and drying machines! It's like a home away from home and definitely more homey than a drab hotel room. The person who probably gets bored the most is the driver, but I remember my Father or Uncle ( both STJ's -uncle would also travel with us in his RV as well, in which I would jump from our RV to his RV at rest stops), made us kids talk to him and entertain him sometimes while he was driving. It's good practice for later on in life when you have to deal with those boring STJs! lol

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    I think a roadtrip of say, 2-4 young adults wouldn't require an RV...
    I had a van with a bed in back rather than seats for awhile. Did the hobo thing a few years ago, for a few months. Interesting times. I imagine a roadtrip in that van would be a somewhat similar experience. And who needs a kitchen area? As long as you don't mind PB sandwiches most of the time..

    I'm going to be driving across the country alone in another month.. wish I had my van. Wouldn't need to stop at a hotel. Can't sleep in my car. My back is too screwed up from an injury last year.

    But.. yeah, if you're not too picky, the minimalist approach is the way to go.
    Children in the mix is a different story, of course. I could see the need for an RV then.
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