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Thread: 13 facts!

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    Default 13 facts!

    So got the idea from FB

    Write 13 facts about you. It can be anything. This is for us to know a little bit more about you.

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    Let's see, how can I give the least information possible... I'm paranoid.
    1. I'm of Indian origin.
    2. I think I'm human.
    3. I watch the X-files.
    4. I'm wondering why it's 13.
    5. I prefer the night.
    6. I enjoy good music.
    7. I think everything must have a reason.
    8. I'm a stargazer.
    9. I'm the eldest sibling.
    10. I'm very interested in languages.
    11. I think philosophy is essential to human life.
    12. I think the phrase "I'm bored" is also essential to survival.
    13. I enjoy reading.

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    Let's see, how can I give the least information possible... I'm paranoid.
    I ensure I have only bestest of intentions in mind. No need for paranoia

    4. I'm wondering why it's 13.
    It's just a number

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    13? That's soo long.
    Yeah I'm totally following u around. Infj often have cool posts \ ideas. And all the cool kids, and by that I mean entps OF COURSE, are busy discussing philosophy or something. Yes entropie, I'm talking to you.

    let me try.
    1 - I see life as a game.
    2 - I have a vital need to multitask whenever I'm in front of a computer. At the moment I'm checking 10 different sites, struggling with flash, listening to an audiobook, drinking diet coke, playing with my feet, (wearing a beanie), checking science RSS feeds and figuring out the articles by reading the titles...
    3 - Years ago i decided to talk shit, use simple words and stop being such an intellectual.
    4 - I think by the way, that intellectuals totally suck, because when somebody's goal in life is to look like the new einstein, well, they could at least be good at it.
    5 - I rarely think using words, it's more like, how to describe it, some quasi-image associations, my thoughts feel really kinetic. The thoughts go from A to Z instantly, but are percieved as some sort of displacement. I can't really describe it.
    6 - I'm ALWAYS late
    7 - I'm an atheist. And by that I do mean I accept any eventuality OF COURSE, including what seems like the unlikely possibility of a quite anthropo'morphic' god but people don't to understand the concept of 'scientific agnosticism' well.
    8 - I have little patience with everyday things, and infinite patience with what I consider to be important
    9 - I really don't care what you think about me
    10 - I set my own standarts. always. And will be harder to myself than to other people.
    11 - I've been in love, once. (yeah that was totally a filler )
    12 - I learned to let go, not to win whatever the price
    13 - But I will crush people without a second thought if they think they can get away with stepping all over me

    Expression of the post modern paradox : "For the love of god, religions are so full of shit"

    Theory is always superseded by Fact...
    ... In theory.

    “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”
    Richard Feynman's last recorded words

    "Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart."
    Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

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    1. I have been using computers since 1985. (I even used the Internet before Al Gore invented it!)
    2. When I was young, I used to ride my bike 20-30 miles a day alone in the countryside of PA, exploring the county.
    3. I also used to climb trees right to the tippy-top, where the entire tree would be swaying in the wind, which tended to freak out my mom -- but I could "feel" up to what point it could hold me, I was fine. I liked swaying in the wind with the tree, and I liked seeing as far as I could.
    4. Until I got older, I used to be a packrat -- squirreling away anything that I could foresee a potential use for later on. (Most of the time, that use never materialized.)
    5. I type 75-80wpm, although I have never had typing lessons.
    6. I own too many books. (Except you can never have TOO many books.) I don't read as much as I did when young, due to too much to get done in life; but I usually read non-fiction nowadays (science, history, culture, religion, psychology, philosophy, etc.) ... anything that looks interesting. I usually binge-read -- nothing for weeks, then a few books in one week.
    7. I play a number of musical instruments. I play the piano by ear; it always unnerves people, either I'm sitting in the dark playing or I'm staring through them (if they're in the room) as I am playing and opening myself up to the music.
    8. When I was a teenager, I won "Trip Airhead" on a busride with my other junior counselors the same year that I won "Counselor of the Summer." (Clean sweep, baby!) Yes, I have a goofy sense of humor.
    9. I had all four impacted wisdom teeth taken out my senior year in hs -- while I was awake. I lost count of the novacaine needles being stuck in my mouth after ten or so; unfortunately, I did not lose consciousness.
    10. I'm tall. (6')
    11. My adopted daughter is from China. She was four when we went overseas. She was fully Americanized (on her own initiative) within two months, it seemed; and she spoke wonderful English without an accent within about half a year max.
    12. The first car I ever bought, a 1990 Geo Prizm, finally died in October 1997. It had 256K miles on it when the transmission finally blew, but until then it never had had an engine or transmission problem -- just a number of cracked windshields and muffler and window-handle replacements. It was a sad occasion, although it was nice to have an excuse to get a newer vehicle with a CD player in it.
    13. I like the number 13. Friday the 13th has actually always been a GOOD day for me. I hope the pattern holds, I have a big one coming up next week.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

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    Jesus, not here TOO. I saw the "25 random things" version on facebook, gave up at 15 (because I don't like talking about me with people whom I know) and could NOT be honest because there were people whom I worked with on FB.

    So, the entirely different list:
    1) I've loved someone since July '07 and it is not reciprocated or known to anyone. (pretty much my biggest secret)
    2) I have undiagnosed attention deficit disorder.
    3) I have persistent insomnia problems, which I think is linked to the ADD.
    4) I dislike most people from my home town and would not go beyond civility with them.
    5) I like doing things alone whenever possible so that I can design the exact way that I experience life/things.
    6) I am immersed in many different forms of media because I like fiction a lot better than I like most "real" people.
    7) I have self-esteem issues, partially because of the ADD.
    8) I have the ability to block/deny myself almost all sensory input, which gives me a high tolerance to pain.
    9) I get excited and passionate about many things, but am usually unwilling to share it with other people because it's deeply personal.
    10) Sometimes I experience the world as a whole, a one-ness that makes complete sense and is working in a synergistic fashion.
    11) It feels like I'm swimming in a warm soup of spiritual understanding.
    12) I try very hard because I feel guilty if I don't give 100%.
    13) I used to have dreams of things that I was going to achieve; now I take it a day/week at a time because thinking about anything longer-term makes me feel depressed.

    There you have it.

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    1. I'm from New Zealand
    2. I live in Japan
    3. I'm married with kids
    4. I love Discovery Channel
    5. I like to drink
    6. I love meat pies
    7. My favourite movie star is Jackie Chan
    8. I love lifting weights
    9. My favourite book is Mastery by George Leonard
    10. My favourite blog is
    11. My favourite guitarist is Angus Young
    12. I love Rock and Metal
    13. My favourite place in NZ is the West Coast of the South Island

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    Ah fun.
    1. 13 is my lucky number since I was 4.
    2. I'm the middle child
    3. A number of people seem to think I'm probably insane. I love to agree.
    4. I like chemistry.
    5. I listen to music quite literally all the time.
    6. Puzzles are my forte and I do them a lot.
    7. I hate boring things, they suck.
    8. I'm bored almost all the time.
    9. People suck.
    10. My favorite types of books are the fantasy or futuristic books.
    11. I like to read manga, and I read more of those than I can count.
    12. People can be more complex than puzzles: why I like them.
    13. I'm alive
    If you were to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?

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    Hummmm........ this might be hard, lets see;

    1. I am hispanic
    2. I am fluent in spanish and english
    3. I love sports
    4. I do IT Destop Support
    5. I am 6"2
    6. I have 7 brothers + sisters from my father's side of the family
    7. I grew up in El Salvador
    8. I tend to be late to work which is a BIG issue
    9. I read a lot
    10. Stopped going to college
    11. I have spiky hair
    12. people that waste my time piss me off
    13. I have very sensitive hearing
    ENFJ 3W4

    If you read this I am sorry to say that you just lost 5 seconds of your life that you wont be getting back.*

    *Actual time may vary.

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    First name: Gustaf
    Age: 21, soon 22
    Location: Boden, Norrbotten, Sweden
    Relatinship status: Single
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual pervert
    Hair color: Almost blackish brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Length: Depends on what you mean. 178 cm.
    Weight: 100 kilos, give or take 2.
    MBTI Type: ENTJ
    Political views: Socialist, armed to the teeth
    Favorite movie: Braveheart
    Favorite book: The Walking Drum by Louis L'Amour. Read it.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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