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Thread: 13 facts!

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    1. I truly like about 97% of people...I even like the people that have hurt me
    2. I'm usually considered "pretty weird" but I still get along with most people
    3. I value balance and moderation above all else
    4. red, black, green, and blue are my favorite colors
    5. I love to joke around a lot... I find class clowns to be amusing
    6. I'm always trying to better myself
    7. I like when people prove me wrong by showing me different perspectives as long as they are being respectful about it
    8.I LOVE food
    9. I can be VERY talkative or quiet
    10. I can be very unpredictable...very idiosyncractic

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    1) 22 years old
    2) Currently living in Copenhagen for University but born and lived in Italy for 20 years
    3) I'm a bit of a megalomaniac, I think very highly of myself - but I also like to think highly about other people
    4) I love sports and have considered becoming a pro cyclist before I hit the wall of excessive doping usage among peers
    5) I love sun and/or cold weather (strange combination!). But in the end, my ideal life would be one in which I wake up at 6, work out for 2 hours, go to work until 3 PM, then go to the beach to sunbath/have a bath until 7 PM, and party until 11. REPEAT! For this reason, one of my dreams is to go live in Hawaii.
    6) I eat pasta on a daily basis, and pizza at least twice a week
    7) I wanted to become a physicist when I was a little kid, but my parents dissuaded me and so I went into economics. Eventually, I want to get a physics degree when I finish the economics MA
    8) I'm rather against competition and perfectionism. I think they're the two biggest problems in the world: if people were less competitive, ambtious and perfectionistic, everyone would be much better off
    9) I have eidetic memory. I can look at something for 10 seconds and remember it with detail for a looong (actually, too long) time. I also remember random conversations I had with people, and faces of people I've just seen once.
    10) I can become extremely aggressive with people that are competitive; my aim is to show them that by being competitive they're putting themselves in a bad situation. For this reason, I always strive for the highest level of skill.
    11) I'm bad with dates. People say that girls show interest in me, but I'm usually completely clueless about it. Luckily, now I have a girlfriend, so I don't have to worry about it.
    12) I've never smoked a cigarette or joint in my entire life, and I plan not to.
    13) I never had trouble in my life. I had a great childhood, a super adolescence, and I'm having a great early adulthood. I think this has partially shaped my somewhat naive outlook towards life, but you know what? I love it.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    These Lists are hilarious!

    1. Some random bird attacks my window and wakes me up like every day which i hate but for some reason i dont want to get rid of it
    2. I also named her Bobette, her mate Bob and enjoy yelling at her when she wakes me up.
    3. Sometimes I get on a bus not knowing where its going just for kicks
    4. I get bored when watching movies that aren't intellectually stimulating
    5. I often use sounds instead of words when i'm talking because words just aren't good enough.
    6. I read and listen to music obsessively like 24/7
    7. When i'm not listening to music i'm usually playing a song in my head
    8. I haven't been outside yet today.
    9. I eat pizza atleast twice a week, usually home made
    10. I don't think Obama's as great as everyone says, but i'd love it if i was wrong
    11. Some random guy just visited my house and asked me to donate for cancer research
    12. I felt bad that i didnt have any money to give him
    13. There is a beer bottle under my chair.

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    1. 24 years old, and always surprised to hear how old I am.
    2. Living in Finland
    3. Never been outside the Nordic Countries
    4. I'm not interested in politics one bit
    5. In fact, I think democracy should be discarded as an inferior mode of government (stupid people voting for popular people can't equal a great government)
    6. I'm very picky with friends. I don't like talking to random people.
    7. My life has been easy, on the outside (no accidents, no illnesses, no poverty, etc.).
    8. I have suffered from depression for many years.
    9. Never broken a bone or injured in any other way for long period of time.
    10. I bought a piano, although I didn't really know how to play it (or any other instrument). Now I know.
    11. I work at odd hours. Sometimes I can't even force myself to work, and sometimes I work over 14 hours a day.
    12. I'm an elitist.
    13. I got this same request (for 25 facts), but I turned it down, since I absolutely hate chain letters. I answered this one, since it's not a chain letter.
    "The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."
    -Nikola Tesla

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    Bumping the hell out of an old thread.

    1. I was my school's spelling bee champion for four consecutive years (grades 5-8), but I never got any further than my school district.
    2. I have never seen a single "Star Wars" movie, and don't care to.
    3. I am a total night owl. I can sleep a normal schedule in order to work a day job, but when left to my own devices, I gravitate towards sleeping from 4 AM til 1 PM.
    4. I am never bored. I can always find something to do.
    5. I am addicted to Diet Coke, and do not like coffee or tea.
    6. I am terrified of needles and heights.
    7. I had waist-length hair for all of high school and most of college.
    8. I would have a perfectly clean driving record if I hadn't been pulled over for a broken headlight 3 years ago.
    9. I like to try weird combinations of foods. This weekend I had an urge to dip a Twix bar in guacamole, and it was good.
    10. I never put a flat sheet on my bed. Just the fitted sheet and the comforter, which I curl up beneath.
    11. I have been involved with Girl Scouts for nearly twenty years, in one way or another.
    12. I wish I weren't allergic to cats, because I really like them-- but not as much as I like dogs!
    13. I have an ex-boyfriend who came out to his parents on national TV.
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    Murphy Brown: What is it with us? Why can't we take the easy road once in awhile?
    Avery Brown: Because it's boring and dishonest and uncomfortable, like wearing a pair of shoes all day that pinch your feet.

    approx 55% ES, 90% TJ

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    1. Class of 99!
    2. My old dream was to become a set decorator for film/tv
    3. My new goal is to open a boutique
    4. I went to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, majored in Visual Communications
    5. I love Dubstep <3
    6. Im a Gemini
    7. Im an only child...what a bummer, wish I had brothers & sisters
    8. I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years, had so much fun...Ive got stories lol.
    9. Im agnostic
    10. My favorite alcoholic beverage is Caribou Lou
    11. I really like semi precious stones (Amber, Citrine, White Jade)
    12. I love stand up comedy
    13. I love dogs

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    1. i turn 30 this year.
    2. i have lived in boston, tokyo, sydney, london, bangkok.
    3. most people don't understand what i do for a living.
    4. i travel a lot.
    5. i feel i have better taste in hotels than mr and mrs smith.
    6. i take pictures of my food.
    7. i enjoy wit and dark humour.
    8. people often say i think and behave like a male when it comes to relationships.
    9. i am female
    10. i started doing yoga because i wanted to be extra bendy.
    11. i love the clash.
    12. i like the mountains and the sea.
    13. i enjoy people that have a great command of profanity.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimahn View Post
    ]I hate talking about myself
    I was going to say something about you talking about yourself now, but you're not really talking .

    1. I'm lazy.
    2. I'm boring.
    3. I like to collect things.
    4. It's 80 degrees outside.
    5. I'm only doing ten of these.
    6. Some of these are just facts.
    7. I don't like it when it's too hot or cold.
    8. I think this smiley is creepy and slightly amusing.
    9. I tell lies just for the heck of it and don't care if I get caught.
    10. I think facts can be subjective....but I just go with the flow to avoid lengthy discussion.
    “'Fuck', I think. What a beautiful word. If I could say only one thing for the rest of my life, that would be it.”

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    I tried to just put stuff in that people wouldn't know from "Ask an ESTJ":

    1. I am a girl of many interests, one of which is collecting random facts. I'm an encyclopedia of obscure quotes, which is good around fellow nerds, and bad around people who have no idea what those quotes are from.
    2. I'm a college student who is desperate to transfer - I hate my college, it was my last choice school, and I'm ready to go to a school where people actually care about learning.
    3. My friends have told me that I analyze everything. I blame this on the fact that I hate not understanding things, and going through a methodical analysis process in my head helps me to figure things out. An example of the above:
    ExFx friend: You've never had fried pickles before. What do you think of them?
    Me: *can't answer because mouth is full*
    ExFx friend: Just nod or shake your head.
    Me: *not responding, still chewing and pondering*
    ENTP friend (astute as always): No, ExFx, you have to wait. She can't just give you a yes or no answer. She's getting a whole paragraph prepared about the pickles as we speak!
    4. I don't get the concept of enjoying movies that make you cry every time.
    5. I pretty much always tell the truth, partially because of how much I care about honesty and partially because I'm a terrible bullsh*tter, and can't ever come up with lies or careful comments quickly enough.
    6. Conversely, I want to be liked, and I always avoid unnecessary conflict, so instead of telling people exactly what I think of them when I hate them, I just won't tell them anything at all.
    7. I don't look like anyone's idea of beauty or ugliness or plain-ness. Therefore, I honestly have no idea whether I'm attractive or not.
    8. I love DIY/reusing things.
    9. When someone called me "philosophical" the other day, I took it as an insult.
    10. My ENFJ friend told me oncethat I "demand respect", my ENTP friend called me "intimidating", and all my friends (including those two) and many people on TypeC call me "cute" or "adorable". Make up your mind, people!!!
    12. I think I like the version of myself that's had a beer or two more than the sober version, because the slightly intoxicated version says exactly what needs to be said without worrying what other people think, and that's how I wish I was all the time.
    13. All my answers are too long...
    EJCC: "The Big Questions in my life right now: 1) What am I willing to live with? 2) What do I have to live with? 3) What can I change for the better?"
    Coriolis: "Is that the ESTJ Serenity Prayer?"

    ESTJ - LSE - ESTj (mbti/socionics)
    1w2/7w8/3w4 so/sx (enneagram)
    member of the month (May 2018)
    want to ask me something? go for it!

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    1. Never married or had kids, although I've probably put more thought and observation into what makes either venture a success or failure than the average person who has experienced it. This is due to the impact that other peoples' choices of partners and ways of parenting have had on my social/personal life, my family, my work and in my decision to marry or not.
    2. Am a 33 year old teacher with experience or interests in Music, Fiddle, French, ESL, English/History, Children's literature
    3. Spent the last 5 years teaching Metis fiddle and guitar on a northern Manitoba reserve, which has probably been one of the most impacting experiences of my life.
    4. Am proudly Canadian and have lived in several provinces. Am from the Prairies and live there now.
    5. Don't plan to spend my whole life in a conventional teaching position. Am writing about education/parenting as an outgrowth of my time in the north. I want to do some kind of work where there's a possibility to break new ground and to impact some corner of the world.
    6. Family is very important to me and I've been quite involved with my parents' extended families and my brother's 10 (I know!) kids.
    7. Musician: I play clarinet, violin, piano and guitar. I own a mandolin and a viola but don't have time to practice them.
    8. Only bother to learn something for myself if necessity pushes me to. Otherwise, people are kind of like external harddrives of information. (ESTPs are wonderful in that regard!)
    9. Like to travel. Have been to all Canadian provinces, lived in Wisconsin and travelled through a lot of the States, been to Europe. Never seen Asia, Africa or Australia. Most dearly wish to see Ireland.
    10. Like big dogs in the country to go on walks with, but can't fathom living with pets indoors under any circumstances. (Any creature that does not use toilet paper or pampers doesn't belong in my bed or my living space!)
    11. Am a Christian in what some would term a fundamentalist or an evangelical sense, but dislike the stereotypes, church culture and emotional baggage that comes with those terms. I believe that my faith in God is the foundation for all of the decisions I make and the lens through which I view the world. I believe in the principles of Christianity, although I often feel that the people involved in churches don't always reflect them. Often feel like neither fish nor fowl in both Christian and non-Christian circles. Deep distrust of how most churches are operated, while I still believe that it is important to go and to become involved in a church body.
    12. Have ISTJ and ENFJ parents. Not sure what my 6 yrs older sister (NF of some type) and my 11 yrs older brother are.
    13. Had parents that were educational pioneers in the public, private and home schooling systems of education. Got to sample all three at a time when educational options were extremely uncommon in our area of the country.

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