1. My frist name is Natasha. I go by Tasha, Tashi, Asha, Ashi, Tash..but when I hear someone actually call me Natasha I find it quite refreshing.

2. I love lime flavored things. Lime lipgloss, lime popsicles, lime candies.

3. My purple converse disappeared. No idea where they went. I lose things often. Its sad. They made me pretty happy. Because purple is my favorite color.

4. I am insanely clumsy. I have epic falls on a daily basis. I can even fall up the stairs. I usually laugh them off.

5. Some people say I have the cutest laugh ever. But then some people have told me it annoys them to death.

6. I like being people's favorite.

7. I can't handle math. My brain hates it. Rejects it and spits it out.

8. I am bad at sleeping. Dont get me wrong. I love sleep. But I tend to nap during the day for hours, and stay up all night talking to people online, phone, skype, in person. Night is for talking.

9. I have always hated Matthew Broderick. I think he looks like a robot.

10. I have a really hard time commiting to people. I hate making plans, because I always want to change them at the last minute.

11. 11 is my favorite number. On 11/11/11 at 11:11, I may just will scream

12. I love cold weather and snow. I can't stand if it is too hot. Every first snowfall I run in it barefoot.

13. I worry obsessively about my appearance. Its pretty much unhealthy.