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    I got The Intellectual as well 70% Traditionalism, 73% Knowledge, 72% Diversity, 32% Contemporary and 29% Untraditionalism!

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    The Liberal Philosopher
    53% Traditionalism, 66% Knowledge, 68% Diversity, 45% Contemporary and 47% Untraditionalism!
    The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
    -anonymous graffiti in the basilica at Pompeii

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    The Intellectual
    58% Traditionalism, 73% Knowledge, 71% Diversity, 41% Contemporary and 46% Untraditionalism!

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    The Intellectual

    62% Traditionalism, 73% Knowledge, 65% Diversity, 38% Contemporary and 40% Untraditionalism!
    Quote Originally Posted by Thalassa View Post
    Oh our 3rd person reference to ourselves denotes nothing more than we realize we are epic characters on the forum.

    Narcissism, plain and simple.

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    The Intellectual

    56% Traditionalism, 64% Knowledge, 61% Diversity, 41% Contemporary and 41% Untraditionalism!

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    The Contemporary Idealist

    48% Traditionalism, 61% Knowledge, 56% Diversity, 54% Contemporary and 55% Untraditionalism!

    You Scored 55% Contemporary Idealist, Congratulations!

    Intolerant? Not you! As a contemporary idealist, you have a lot of innovative ideas about how the world should be run.You probably don't see a lot of value in traditionalism, and think that many traditionalists are outmoded and narrow minded. You likely believe in very permissive lifestyles, where anything goes and it's all ok as long as everyone's having a good time.

    The concept of authority probably doesn't sit too well with you, and following any established protocols seems like, well, stupid. Governments, to you, are an extension of the wealthy elites who attempt to hold down the rest of society, and actually result in much of the intolerance we experience today.

    You were rated an idealist because many of the answers you selected showed an aversion or disinterest in traditional beliefs. In ideas of race, heritage, culture and diversity, you scored highest in progressive, contemporary ideas that likely weren't very popular as late as fifty years ago. Many of your fellows might consider you a radical, a reformer, or just downright misguided. But don't listen to them. After all, many of the greatest movements in history were started by so called 'radicals'. Unfortunately for you, people tend to cling to their traditions rather stolidly. Fortunately, that gives you a cause! Get out there and show all those ignorant, prejudiced poltroons the true way of enlightenment!
    I never thought of myself as that unconventional... but come to think of it, I guess I am.

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    The Noble Traditionalist

    85% Traditionalism!
    # You scored 85% on Traditionalism, higher than 100% of your peers.
    # 98/100 You scored 81% on Intelligence, higher than 98% of your peers.
    # 91/100 You scored 73% on Diversity, higher than 91% of your peers.
    # 1/100 You scored 21% on Contemporary, higher than 1% of your peers.
    # 0/100 You scored 16% on Untraditionalism, higher than 0% of your peers.

    You Scored 85% Traditionalist, Congratulations!

    Brush off your Webster's Complete Dictionary, Vol. XXVIII, and look up "Traditionalsim". See a picture of yourself? You should, you're as traditional as they come! As a Traditionalist, you probably have a keen appreciation for the customs of the old world, and a yearning to keep them kindled in your heart and in those around you. Whether it be celebrating obscure rituals or participating in festivals, you know about your heritage and are proud of where you come from, and you've like as not got some lederhosen in your back room.

    You might see the progressive trends of modern society as eroding away at the traditions you love, and may resent the lack of appreciation that many have for their ancestry. After all, it is difficult to celebrate your own heritage when the modern credo, "Hail, diversity! Down with the traditions of old!" surrounds you at every corner. But, you put up a stoic front and try to honour your culture in the name of your forefathers.

    You are likely a little more intellectual than most, and enjoy learning about the histories of many different cultures, including your own. It would be hard to appreciate yours if you didn't know about any others. You are somewhat idealistic, and probably relish the romanticism of earlier times more than others around you. You see the grandeur in the ghosts of antiquity, delight in drafty castles and the notion of aristocracy. You feel like your ideals are not part of the mainstream spectrum of philosophy, but that's ok: as a traditionalist, society needs you more than ever to check the heady flow of new age 'enlightenment'.

    You scored as a traditionalist because you tested highest in the areas of, naturally, traditionalism, intelligence, and oddly enough, diversity. Hey, you can't be knowledgable and intolerant at the same time, they aren't really good bedfellows.
    Really love my heritage. Can't grow up in my family without Pops telling you every story he knows. Oktoberfest is our biggest party of the year outside of Christmas.

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    The Liberal Philosopher
    62% Traditionalism, 70% Knowledge, 76% Diversity, 38% Contemporary and 34% Untraditionalism!
    Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings...Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king

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