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    Default How Much Can You Drink?

    Some people have higher tolerance levels than others.
    I know of many people who act like drunk bitches after three cans of beer or three shots of vodka.

    I usually need to have around 15 shots of vodka before I start feeling drunk.
    At 5'11 and 190 pounds, my tolerance is something pretty high.

    The annoying thing is that I often have to pay the most money for alcohol if I want to get drunk and I am the least drunk of the bunch.
    However, I've learned my threshold is 21 shots of vodka taken one after the other....

    What about you guys?
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    I can outdrink anyone here. That's why I don't.
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    A fifth of hard liquor and I'm still on my feet and functioning (rather drunkenly, but the same as a lightweight after 4 or 5 drinks!)... ummm.... yeah, that's why I cut back...

    5'4" & 118lbs
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    I have never really pushed my limits, or tried to get drunk, but at the most I have had about 11 shots of whiskey and I was starting to feel it. I am also about 5'11".

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    lol I don't usually take count. I just have a fifth sense of what point to stop before I puke and black out. I very rarely puke at all, nor have a bad night when I drink. I'm a smart guy when it comes to that.

    I'm 5'8 160 and don't have too much body fat. Most people would probably say I'm really skinny, but it's not really true. If I were to estimate how many beers it takes me before I'm not in control I would probably say 8. It's weird in that as I approach that number the more likely I am to accept more alcohol and possibly other intoxicating substances. My body is actually really responsive in a nice way because I usually sleep gently and deeply when I start to get into true drunkenness. My friends always tease me because they say I'm usually out like a log before anything crazy happens, and I can't be awoken.
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    Takes a lot to get me drunk and honestly Id rather not (and usually don't) reach that point, even if I do get drunk it takes a lot for others to realise it. I have a number of friends convinced they've never seen me soused, they're wrong.

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    I haven't been out drinking in awhile..
    I hung out with a little handful of guys in high school, and they were my drinking buddies until recently. Get together & watch zombie movies/play cards and such after work.

    I drank them under the table, usually, and never got sick/blacked out except for the 1 time I allowed someone else to make my drink, & wasn't in the best emotional state.
    No one was ever able to detect when I was extremely intoxicated, counting sober people. I always thought that was weird.

    I think it's mainly about self awareness, pacing, and just having a good time...

    I do need to pay more attention to how much liquor I drink in what amount of time nowadays. Depends a lot on how much I actually ate that day as well.

    I'm 5'9" & go between 120-125lbs. So I'm not a particularly tiny person, per se.
    I'd say I feel it after about 4 drinks, if I drank them in a relatively short amount of time- like the length of a typical movie, perhaps- and would assume twice that would be my limit. Making myself ill isn't fun.

    I also prefer to feel in control, so a pleasant buzz along with just enjoying the beverage in of itself is enough for me these days.
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    You're a smart guy Aimahn. I can drink a fair bit. But I've often gotten a little carried away.

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    I don't drink often unless I'm stressed out or when my ENFP friend keeps shoving it down my throat to get me more social. Thus I have a low tolerance but I find this a good thing because it saves me a LOT of money at the bar.

    I'm 5'7" and weigh 120 lbs. I get shnokered after three or four shots of vodka.
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    My tolerance varies, and I am never certain when the cut-off is; I've blacked out several times (which I've heard is a bad sign), yet at parties I'm usually the last one awake, still drinking well after the sun comes up. I'm a social drinker who has lost casual contact with most of his friends, so I don't drink that much anymore. Consequently, I am now buzzed after drinking only half a bottle of Lambrusco and a large can of Budweiser's within two hours. G'night.

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