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    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    I don't know what's up with the IQ tests which are in present use. Perhaps they have been altered to recognize the cultural differences now. But in the day, when I was working, a common complaint was that the standardized test that was being used by the State of MN was developed to test the intelligence of the white male.
    About that, Asians score higher than the 'white male'.
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    I've never taken one (other than bullshit online ones, of course). I don't think I'd care if I knew. If I had the opportunity to know, I probably wouldn't take it cause it wouldn't mean much to me. I think I have a good mind, and with the exception of math I can usually do pretty much everything well, and I'm great with creative things. I've also come to believe that the work and dedication you give to something far outways your thinking abilities. For example, while I'm great at coming up with creative concepts, it's when I dedicate myself to working on them and making them come to life where they become good pieces of work or whatever they may be. Knowing an IQ number wouldn't change this, I'd still be the same person and I'd still believe the same things. And I've noticed in myself that the more I worry about how "intelligent" I am even on a genetic basis the more cynicle and negative I become (which is somewhat ironic because my family is full of very smart people, so you'd think it would boost my self esteem rather than distract it).

    Long story short, it's just not what I'm about.

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