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    "Good for one free hot lunch."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    You will step out in the street and get hit by a bus... if not today, then tomorrow.

    Your life will suck and then you will die.

    Your wife is not sleeping with another man while you are reading this. (They are very much awake.)

    You're ugly and will never amount to anything.

    Today is the best day of the rest of your life; everything gets worse from here.

    Your mother makes fun of your nose behind your back.
    (PS. She's also not your mother.)

    Fortune cookies for gorillas are sold separately.

    Germs are invisible and deadly.
    This slip of paper was covered with three trillion of them.

    wow- these are awesome!

    I thought this one to be especially good=
    "Your wife is not sleeping with another man while you are reading this. (They are very much awake.)"

    man- these are strangely inspiring,lol- the imgination and ability. I need to come up with something of this skill,lol.

    mine just sorts dorky,lol.
    wait here is a try-

    you will think of a good post idea that is too good for you to participate in and people will laugh at your inability.
    Me and hubby made an RPG Nutrition Game
    Play and Vote July 14th to Aug 14th

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