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    Mostly Carbon and Hydrogen, but some other stuff too.
    we fukin won boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchAngel View Post
    From the male side: the cliches are all true. We want the angel, the madonna, in our hearts, and the devil's daughter in our bed ...
    You want someone who will slip you a mikey and take your wallet and charge all your credit cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desperado44 View Post
    Oh my.....I will never look at a woman the same again :P

    You're not a "T" are you?

    What makes a woman? ---

    Her tenderness, her overt femininity, he sense of the 'other person', her softness, her natural draw to children, old people, ....kindness. The way she smells..... the way her smile makes you feel all goofy inside. Her LACK of manliness.........

    ....incredibly attractive.

    Guess I'm no woman afterall. Oh well, that identity-crisis is finally over

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