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    Default The official "Victor needs to post more" thread.

    Implicit mutual silence be damned, we must build a train track.

    And on that train track will be a train.

    And that train will be, actually, many different parts of that train which we can term cars.

    And those cars will contain all the wonderful zoo animals we like to feel are persons, bipedal or quad or otherwise.

    And those people will develop a smorgasbord of passions, communications, personalities and languages.

    And those persons will break out into war, peace, love and hatred.

    These interactions will lead to a new era of understanding, where the mystique is clarified, the heathen is saved and the schizophrenic understood.

    And that train is the human inhabitants of the planet earth(plus some pets); please do kind not to derail her!

    I don't know what the FUCK you say sometimes victor, but I <3 you and your entries! (but maybe that's because you're more strange than I know myself when I look at my adulterated mirrors .... I hope that would be acceptable)

    In other words: Post your appreciation of Victor here! and if you dare to attempt it, try to mimic his unique style (I think I failed very well!)

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    bumping this for a good friend

    yay Victor!

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    I like what Victor has to say.
    Act your age not your enneagram number.

    Quinlan's Creations

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    Victor's posts are unique; the perspective and thoughts they bring are entertaining and sometimes enlightening.

    Victor's posts have an artistic, dreamlike, and occasionally surreal quality.

    They start off grounded in reality, topic at hand.

    This isn't always where they end.

    But, if one is to be grounded in reality, isn't it necessary to break the anchor and float?

    Because it is in the floating that we realize our dreams, our thoughts, our visions.

    It is high up in the sky where we get the best view of the ground.

    So is it the one that floats the highest that ends up having the best vision of the ground?

    By floating, high in the sky, don't we become "grounded"?

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    To be Victor is to be creative.

    But what does it mean to be creative?

    Jung was creative, but he was also a Nazi.

    One might think the Nazis were creative.

    But the Nazis never knew themselves and they were guided by their passions into atrocious acts of greed.

    Harvesting the moment,

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    Listen to me, baby, you got to understand, you're old enough to learn the makings of a man.

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    I read once that imitation and flattery were related coins.

    Units of currency that describe a transaction.

    A transaction is a meaningful exchange of information.

    As a way to get the things we want.

    Some people find themselves in their currency.

    They see their reflection in what they want.

    Victor is different.

    He finds himself in others -- that much is true.

    What grants him victory is what makes him different.

    Victor finds himself not in compromise,

    But in idiosyncrasy.

    While his image is plainly visible to some,

    He remains invisible to most.

    For you see,

    Imitation is compromise.

    Anyone can compromise to find themselves easily in others.

    It requires truth to progress.

    Truth is not available in imitation.

    It's only found when our reflection is as Victor's.

    Our own.

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    Appreciation is always valuable to the appreciated.

    In appreciation, the appreciator is also valued.

    There is a mutualism of appreciation, which is appreciated and valued mutually.

    Mirrors tell us who we are, as individuals and peoples.

    I see my self in the mirror, but I am also looking at you, and you are looking at me.

    Now we have a still watery surface we reach through. Yay!

    Through the watery surface we will always find fishes, which are desirable.

    For as we fish, we hook into each other.

    I hook into you, and you are hooking into me, and we are both caught.

    How do we untangle? Who is to eat who?

    There will be a mutual eating and untangling.
    ~ a n t i r e c o n c i l e r
    What is death, dies.
    What is life, lives.

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    I don't Know Victor Very Well, But I Dare To Like Victor Right Away!

    When I Disagree With Victor's Views, That's Not A Problem For Me.

    But For My Brain, It's Hard To Connect Sentences, If They Are Presented Like Headlines.

    And For Some Reason, I Feel Very Compelled To Read The Lines From Bottom To Top.

    I Guess I Want To Know, What It's All About, Before I Care About How He Arrived There.

    But This One Started Out As Appraisal And Turned Into What Reads Like A Critique.

    Just Like Live Builds Up Your Selfimportance, Just To Tear It Down Again.

    The Ball Get's Passed.

    It's About You, Then Its About Someone Else.

    But Most Of The Time We Fight About The Ball, As If There Was Only One.

    This Posting Is Random.

    I Just Add Another Line.

    And Then I Will Insist That It Reflects A More General Meaning

    And Then I Will Write That Meaning Down

    And The Meaning Is, That The Next Line Is Like The Ball

    It's Got To Be

    I Dont Know Why But I Will Find Out

    Just One More Line

    So The Next Line Is Like The Ball In That It Passes On The Responsibility To Create Meaning And Make Some Sense

    Like People Pass On Guilt From Generation To Generation

    Until Some Generation Really Understands Why There Has Been Something Wrong With Us All The Time

    And This Generation Will Be The Change

    To Be A Victor, One Must Insist To Be A Part Of It.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippi View Post
    Fiver is correct, it is freeing to not have to impress someone, to be accepted for who you really are.

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