I have a question for you smartypants lawyers. Is it legal to give your spouse permission to sign your name for you on a legal document? Until recently we didn't have a working printer so I would ask Noah to print out the work-for-hire contracts my workplace drew up for me. After awhile it became cumbersome for him to print one day, bring it home that night for me to sign, and take it back to fax from his office the following day, so I started asking him to just sign/date/fax for me in one fell swoop.

Now we have a printer (it was just laziness that prevented getting one before, although that sounds funny when we were going to such efforts to get my work papers signed and faxed) and it occurs to me that my signature might look different from the others they have on file. Wikipedia says that an oral agreement of limited power of attorney (basically "yes, you can sign my name for me on that one document" as I understand it) is legal and binding. Is that true?