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    Default Sensorish stuff I love...

    Inspired by MacGuffin's list @ INTPc, (can't be bothered to post the link)

    Do yours! (try not to repeat stuff, no comments, and don't overthink it)

    Forked lightning and the smell of long-overdue rain, the way the earth sighs. Strong coffee. Cool Egyptian cotton sheets. Reading in the bath for hours, not knowing what day of the week it is, the galloping of hooves, The Week. Scottish bands. Roaming in the gloaming. Dogs when they smile. Cats when they don't. Mood lighting. Baileys. Mexican food. Mojitos. Calendars. Leather-bound books. Antique furniture. The female form in art. Elegant hands. Anything that smells of lavender or roses. Trees. Crazy hair-accessories. Faux fur things. Walking bare-foot on grass. Well-cut suits. Anything French. Kissing. Sunsets. Riding on the beach. Sea-kayaking. Being high(vertically). Skiing. Well-appointed suitcases. Tactile sculpture. Renaissance architecture. American accents. Boutique shops as an artform. Scarves. Beethoven. Rocking chairs. The velvety nuzzle of a pony. Old B&W movies on rainy Saturday afternoons under a blanky. Trying not to smile.

    EDIT. Forgot my favourite sensorish thing in the world - rolling in new mown hay.
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    my friend kellies new softest yummiest blanket in the world...creme brule...the smell of fire in the winter...honeysuckle in the spring...waves crashing on my feet and the salty ocean smell in the summer...really long hot showers...really loud soul shaking sexy voices...holding lil puppies...water fountains...outdoor sculpture gardens...the way my vivian tam dress feels shark skin or something...haha...looking out the plane window...modern design...riding on a boat...hiking in the mountains...scottish accents...espresso...really good chocolate...mid-century classics...all the colors of a sunset...the mountains...really tall pine trees....big buffet brunches at my favorite lil mediterranean place...spanish moss...blown glass...bronze sculpture...books...orchids...body cremes...bubble baths...avant garde fashion...smoky piano bars...dancing...driving fast with the top down...

    i could do that all that what you're talking about?
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    Symmetrical things.

    Perfectly asymmetrical things.


    All hues of purple.

    The touch of fur.

    Being tickled.

    Hearts (not the biological ones, the <3 ones).

    Light up globes, and maps.

    The feel and smell of paper.

    Pens, pens, and more pens, especially uniball pens, and Gelly Roll pens, oh, and also Le Pens are quite nice.

    The smell of gasoline and permanent markers.

    The smell of vanilla, cinnamon, gardenia, and jasmine.

    The look of freshly painted nails.

    Natural fractal patterns.

    The feel of my bed.

    The consistency and taste of cheesecake.

    Hello Kitty, et al. :P
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    Ripping off and playing with shirt tags.

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    The smoky smell of barbecue cooking.
    The texture of callouses.
    Colored lighting.
    The smell of my kitchen when I'm baking cookies.
    The firm bite of perfectly cooked pasta.
    A well-broken in hoodie that feels like a wearable blanket.
    The bracing, antiseptic smell/feeling sensation of strong peppermint.
    The sound of a crunchy, fuzzed up guitar.
    Well-designed simple and symmetrical logos and designs.
    The crack a new book makes when you open it the first time.
    The fresh feeling of getting in bed the first night after you change the sheets.
    And last, the multisensory experience of a campfire - the smell, the dancing flames, the crackling sounds.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    I'll just repost!

    Sensorish stuff I love:

    BBQ. Star Wars. Eyefucking and little inside jokes and gestures only one other person knows about. Good literature. Middle-brow magazines. Cursing. Gin and tonics. Single batch scotch. Wit. Rock 'n' roll. Fall - the cool long-sleeve weather, football, leaves, Halloween. Aimless "researching" on wikipedia. Summer thunderstorms. House. Procrastinating. A truly terrifying book/movie. Knowing I made someone laugh or smile. Halo multiplayer. Electric eyes. The small of a woman's back. The neck. NYC pizza. Mister Rogers. Fountain pens. Northern Exposure. A real fire in a real fireplace while the snow falls furious and silent outside. Ceiling fans. Superman. The privacy of bathrooms. Guinness. Free wireless. Playing devil's advocate. The smell of fireworks on the 4th of July. Staying up till dawn. Buffy. Blistex Complete Moisture. Making fun of Canucks/Brits/Aussies. The Sunday paper. The transition three. Pulling my button-down shirts on/off like they have no buttons. Stealing home. Handwritten letters. INTP Central. Cuff links. "Rhapsody in Blue". Running my fingers through long hair. The sound of crashing waves on a beach. Hammocks. I got interrupted here...

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    Vague, abstract, intellectual constructs.

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    This is tough to think of. I'll tell you when I see it.
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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    To start with:

    1. The smell of gasoline from car fumes
    2. The smell of my German chocolate coffee brewing - and the taste of the first sip - in the morning
    3. Texture of my couch
    4. Hands - especially those with a mix of strength and grace (fetishist? nah)
    5. My well-soft sheets
    6. A fresh load of laundry
    7. Indian Food
    8. My Mom's cooking/ other well-done food from home
    9. The sound of my dad's laughter (and of his mom's - they laugh alike) - contagious!
    10. The extra-soft skin that some people have on the either side of the Achilles tendon
    11. Brisk fall air
    12. The visual of a sea of daisies
    13. Nice feet on men!
    14. The smell of earth right after it rains
    15. Throw in the smell of rain on hot city pavements, too.
    16. The texture and taste of pumpkin pie
    17. Clothes that fit like they ought to (I get eyesore from really tight or super-baggy, too short or too long clothes)
    18. Going barefoot generally - even on cold marble
    19. The cool hush of early morning on the cusp of when the city wakes up
    20. Certain guitar riffs/solos are basically aphrodisiac
    21. Forests and other large, green expanses
    22. Country air
    23. Speeding on a Highway
    24. Certain southern (U.S.) accents
    25. The sight/smell/feel of good leather
    26. Rubbing other people's tummies (No, I can't explain that one, either)
    27. Stroking rad beards

    edit: and hugs. Is that sensorish?
    hoarding time and space
    A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.
    — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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    Music. Caffeinated beverages. Chocolate candy. Ice cream. Fast food. Snack mix. Snack cakes. Going barefoot. Watching television all day. Stating the obvious. Improving my reflexes and reaction time in some video games. Sleeping late. Cats. Being hugged. Using stock phrases to greet people and say goodbye.

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