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Tolkien's type has already been discussed at some length on this thread, in case you hadn't seen it http://www.typologycentral.com/forum...tml#post408196
I hadn't seen it. Interesting read. As an INTJ I disagree with most of the arguments against his being an INTJ. I think his circumstances were an interesting synergy between his professional areas of expertise and his fiction writing. If he was an INTJ, I think he probably strategically integrated his philology and mythology into his fiction. Reading a biography, I think the commercial success caught him by some surprise. Since he wasn't pursuing the writing with commercial success in mind, he had a much harder time completing things to his satisfaction.

As an INTJ civil engineer who works in the area of land development, I have a great desire to take the mundane engineering skills (something people would describe as S) and apply them to engineering a master planned community that would be a cosmos of sorts with a beneficial order for the community.

Thanks for the link Rag. It looks like that discussion was pretty fully explored. I think I could also go with INTP. The emotion and warmth in his writing seems submerged to such a degree that I don't think he was an NF. I find it impossible to believe his work to be the product of an S.