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    Interwebs, more TV stations, More radio stations, globalization.


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    It's something that gives me fear into starting the music business, it's not only talent but creativity in so many ways, lots of connections, and having to stick through it all with your fans.

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    Near-zero barrier to entry on account of DIY, reachability, and accessibility. You can buy equipment on the cheap -- some creativity and a $5 mic might be enough. Hell, even smartphones can accompany you (e.g Garageband). Distribution happens digitally, not restricted to published albums or the radio. In fact, one can handle their own distribution by posting their stuff online themselves. Even quirky niche stuff can find its quirky niche audience. I certainly wouldn't have been able to rely on the radio to give me crust punk and noise music.

    The cynical view is that we're now inundated with an endless torrent of shit. It's true that when everyone has a voice, there's gonna be some total crap out there. But now we can skip songs we don't like, use algorithms to suggest stuff for us, and scour the Web for whatever we want. So on the other side, the listeners also have a choice. We may have more rough, but we now have the tools to find the diamonds very easily. Turns out that there are many more than we thought.

    The playing field is much more level. Even the technology to record and distribute is becoming less and less of a limiting factor, as it's becoming easier to use.

    Generally, the fewer artificial barriers we have, the better quality stuff we'll be able to get. Artists ought to be "graded" on their work alone, not on how well they can negotiate with record companies, or what equipment they can afford.

    Granting everyone opportunities for free expression and self actualization in this way is always a net positive.
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