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    Default Ambushed by an ExFx

    Last night I walked in to my daughters school to pick her up, and a woman I've never met snagged me from behind as I was leaving and said 'I've been told I need to meet you' and gave me a huge hug.

    She proceeded to ask me if I do 'play dates' with my daughter and while I was scrambling to figure out whose parent she was I got two more hugs, a 'what are you doing for the holidays', 'where do you work, this is where I work', 'here is my phone number' ...

    Finally I realized that she was a little boys Mom that my daughter is always playing with and talking about.

    By the time I left her, I felt like I'd known the woman for years and she acted like we'd been best friends who'd just run into each other after a long time apart.

    The whole experience weirded my INTJ arse out, and I left there going ... 'OMG is she an extrovert/feeler or what!??'

    I'm a bit envious of that ability methinks. But I'm still confused down to my core about the whole thing

    Embrace the possibilities.

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    I'm surprised you were able to repel firepower of that magnitude. I would have passed out after the first hug, followed by the personal questions.

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    That'd creep me the fuck out too.

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    Hummm I say that was over the top. I would had probably been swinging had I felt someone brag like that from behind. lol
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    lol wow..... that's hardcore
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    I've had pretty much the same experience recently and now I find I am this womans friend, she just sort of co opted me into her life because her daughter plays with my little girl at school and are inseperable.

    Alot of hugging (I hate hugging lol) and strength of personality, like "OI you, you now belong to my collection".

    I am sort of envious in the sense that I wish I was so strong a personality and so forward, but I would find it exhausting if I even attempted to behave like that.
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    Wouldn't really phase me.

    Of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BerberElla View Post
    you now belong to my collection".
    LOL. I think that's how every ExFJ looks at their circle of their collection.

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