Victor, I must say after reading this thread that I like you a lot. Before you mentioned the connection to your writing and poetry, that was what I found myself thinking ... 'its like poetry'.

They are interesting, the different reactions to your writing style. Some respond to you in jest, others with near anger, and some glaze over the posts without a second thought.

I find the idea behind what you are doing interesting... I love languages and I agree that presentation can make a huge difference. The eternal battle, however, is finding the balance between getting your message across, and provoking the audience to think for themselves. Its a tentative line that seems to blur at times for me... but the effort is well worthwhile, even if the execution sometimes falls on one side of the line or the other.

As far as Pimping the Personality goes... I think that once you begin down the path of self-discovery, either with the assistance of things like MBTI or by your own means, it is a slippery slope. You will find things you like about yourself, things you dislike about yourself... and things that you will ignore because they are difficult, embarassing or hurtful and are easier swept under a rug.

Once you begin this ride though, I find it hard to think that anyone could be unaffected by it. We constantly shift the building blocks that make up who we are, like an ever changing puzzle. Sometimes we replace old blocks with new blocks, but we always retain a bit of what was there before. And, as any good scientist knows... nothing can either be created nor destroyed. I believe this is true with personalities as well.

In summary, I think that Pimping the Personality happens even without conscious thought as we 'discover' and build on the things we know about ourselves. The more active we are in understanding, manipulating and creating that personality, the more it will pay off... and I belive eventually lead to a very balanced life. Balanced because while you discover, you will subconsciously move from one extreme to the other, testing the waters so to speak, until you finally reach a happy medium that you can live with.