Things I do now:

-reading (fantasy, scifi, fiction, nonfiction)
-drawing/painting/bad photography
-internet (forums, cartoons, funny things, social things)
-hiking/exploring wild places/exploring city places/camping
-biking (I bike an average of roughly an hour a day for a given week)
-drinking/being social
-video games
-shopping/bargain hunting/garage-saling etc

Things I would like to start doing and/or plan to learn soon:

-rock climbing
-a martial art or kickboxing
-tennis and/or squash and/or badminton
-horseback riding (prob won't happen until I'm rich though)
-kayaking or canoeing
-white water rafting
-travelling outside of north america
-playing the flute and piano (probably not at the same time though)
-wood carving
-skiiing and/or snowboarding (too expensive though)
-paint ball
-I'd love to learn how to drive a motercycle but it'll probably never happen now, since I don't even have a regular drivers license now (no need)

It would be cool to revisit this post in a year's time and see how many things on the latter list I've learned. Maybe that'd motivate me.