The essence of reality is that it is not chosen.

Reality is independent of us. This is the nature of reality.

I think you have confused the subjective with reality.

And to replace reality with the subjective is the essence of superstition.

That's beautiful. Logic is beautiful. Reasoning is beautiful. Everything, insofar as it exists, is beautiful. Try melding Keats' "Truth is beauty, and beauty truth" with the Augustinian Great Chain of Being (Being = goodness; a thing is good insofar as its exists; being and goodness are, in the Aristotelian sense, the same substance), and see what you get.

Beauty is a property of existence, beauty is like Socratic "excellence", Beauty is what we grow to know and understand by experiencing beautiful things. And, in keeping with the above:

YouTube - Flavor Flav

yes. Even that is beautiful. Just don't ask me how.